AI on IA at the MLDS19 Conference

Published: 02/14/2019  

Last Updated: 02/14/2019

By Kavita Aroor

Great gatherings bring great minds together! One such amazing action packed gathering was organized by Analytics India Mag team and sponsored by Intel as a “community partner” at  the Machine Learning Developers Summit 2019.  At MLDS 2019 India’s leading Machine Learning innovators and practitioners shared their ideas and experience about machine learning tools and advanced development in this sphere and gave the attendees a first look at new trends & developer products.

The conference was all about developers, developers and more developers.  Intel's key engagement at this conference was to train, enable and amplify Intel’s messaging on AI and spread awareness about Intel solutions & offerings. This is such a fantastic and vibrant community with great passion towards driving success together on AI. The two day conference bought together interesting conversations, an exchange of ideas, networking sessions, as well as Developer Connect.  MLDS featured 700+ AI enthusiasts , 59 plus speakers, 34 Techtalks, 5 Masterclasses and 3 panel discussions, one of which was chaired by Intel who also participated in Techtalks and the Keynote session. 

The crowd at MLDS 2019

Our keynote session on “Learning to Learn” was addressed by Prabhavathy Adavikolanu, Director – Product Development, New Business Opportunities, Intel India. We invited our ISV, to share their success story on Intel Architecture. empowers businesses with voice assistant on mobile or web applications. We had great response after the session with many interesting conversations around Intel’s Architecture, I2R Dataset, Intel® Movidius™ Neural Compute Stick and more. 

Intel® AI Experience Booth

Intel AI Experience Booth

We had great attendance and interaction at the Intel AI Experience booth where we showcased several demos with our ISV Global Edge.   One demo provided traffic classification for real time driver assistance on local roads.  The second demo on Intel® Movidius™ Neural Compute Stick showed using Intel® Movidius™ technology: compiler, profiler, create a graph, explore model performance, and infer. We applied machine learning/deep learning techniques for image recognition using Intel® Distribution for OpenVino.

Adoption of AI in the Real World Panel Discussion 

The panel discussion from Intel was on “Adoption of AI in the Real world” moderated by Milind Hanchinmani, Director APJ, CPDP, IAGS. Also attending were key ISVs and SI Uncanny Vision*, Happiest Minds*, FOMCept* and an industry speaker from Indranath Mukherjee, AXA XL.  Great conversations and discussions ensued around the adoption of AI, business challenges and issues, how to bridge the gaps, and skill development. ISVs shared their success stories about using AI on IA . Overall this was an insightful session with some questions from the participants around AI adoption and attrition challenges.

AI Panel at MLDS

Tech Talk and Panel Discussions

The next day had some insightful sessions on Tech talk as well as the Panel discussion with our key ISVs and SIs. The tech talk from Intel was presented by Lakshminarasimhan R, Manager – Consulting (IoT, HPC and AI on “AI on IA” and demo by Mayank Tiwari, Technical Consulting Engineer on Intel Movidius and VTune Amplifier. This session gained a lot of traction among the 300 participants with interesting questions on Intel optimized frameworks and tools, Parallel Python as well as OpenVino. 

Intel Deep Learning and Vision at the Edge Workshop

Intel Deep Learning & Vision at the Edge workshop We wound up the MLDS19 Conference with an hands on workshop on Intel Deep Learning and Vision at the Edge workshop at Intel SRR4 campus on. We witnessed an amazingly vibrant community of ML, DL Engineers, Sr. Architects and Developers who were passionate to learn on Intel AI and our solutions. The agenda covered the following: Intel Optimized AI Frameworks: Introduction to Deep Learning and the concept of training and testing datasets and a brief flow of a deep learning topology.  There was also a Hands on Lab:
Train the topology on a single node for a few epochs using Intel DevCloud,
Inference at the Edge using Intel® OpenVINO™ toolkit-Intel® CPU, Intel® Integrated Graphics, Intel® Movidius™ Neural Compute Stick (NCS) and NCS 2 and the Intel® Vision Accelerator Design with Intel®Movidius™ VPUs.


We had 65 participants at the workshop who were engaged and trained on Intel tools.  The keynote session on “Enabling AI on IA” was addressed by Mukesh Gangadhar- Staff lead, APJ (CPDP), IAGS. The hands on workshop was executed by Avinash Karani, Mushtaq Ahmed, Krishnakumar Shetti and Iqbal Ahmed - CPDP, IAGS team.

A Successful Event 

Numerous positive posts on social media, including interesting tweets around the workshop and our #IntelAI contest showed that the event was well received and the attendees were interested and engaged.  Teamwork was the magic ingredient to make this event a success.   Thank you one and all for your contribution to make this event a grand success! 



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