About 2018 ESDC

Published: 02/12/2018  

Last Updated: 02/11/2018

Author:Evelyn Yan

Intel Cup Embedded System Design Contest (ESDC) is now on its sixteenth years. Since 2002, when an Intel engineer designed the first hardware platform for the contest (the engineer now becomes a senior director of Intel China), ESDC has seen 1000+ teams (3000+ students) from nearly 100 universities across 15 countries. Tens of thousands undergraduate students benefit from ESDC online training platform. It has become one of the most high profile and influential IT contests hosted in China, with an extensive international influence.

In the past sixteen years, Intel strives to provide the latest hardware platform and software tools for the contest, customizes hardware platforms specifically for ESDC, to ensure the fairness of the contest. In addition, Intel also assigns senior engineers to directly support the participants including  training, Q&A ,online self-learning portal etc.  We firmly believe that through competition, we can accelerate teaching content evolution,unleash the endless potential of college students, including the potential of innovation, potential of hands on practice, potential of strong personality.

In addition, ESDC is also a great platform for international communication and talent exchange. Last year, a winning student of ESDC2014 from Brazil won a scholarship from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and joined the university as PhD student. ESDC brings the opportunity to an reality. The contest also provides an intuitive platform for teachers to learn from peers from different countries. Many faculty continue their worldwide academic exchanges after the competition with peer universities. 

ESDC2018 will officially launch on March 21st. This is the first year we provide a contest theme: Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. We hope to guide the participants to focus on social pain points and the trend of future technology, thus bring a positive and far-reaching impact to the  future life of the people.

The ESDC committee will offer the UP Squared* Grove* development kit based on the latest generation of Atom chips as the main platform for the competition, and specially designed a Cyclone V FPGA expansion for competitors. In addition to this, competitors can also use the latest Intel VPU based neural computing stick to design creative projects. Various software platforms are also available for free for all participants. All training materials, including hardware platforms and software tools can be found in ESDC training website (Intel Developer Zone and the support Forum). Intel engineering team is ready to answer questions from the contestants. We hope all participants will make full use of these resources. Study, Innovate and Enjoy!

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