Intel® Software Improvement Program

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Updated 4/2/2018
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Participate in the Design of Future Software Development Tools

Intel makes every effort to understand and anticipate customer needs in order to deliver user-friendly, high performance software. The Intel® Software Improvement Program will yield valuable information about how customers use and interact with our Software. No directly identifying personal information will be collected and participation status can be changed at any time. Customers who choose to participate agree to share:

  • Feature usage information such as GUI options and command line switches
  • Component usage including but not limited to: compiler switches and profiler/analysis usage counters
  • System information: Operating System and version, IDE, locale, date and time, architecture, processor, a randomized computer generated identifier, and MAC address (truncated to 2 bytes)
  • List of any other installed Intel software development products

Privacy Notice

What will Intel do with the Information that is Collected?

The information collected will be used to better understand how customers use Intel Software and how to improve our software in the future.

Is this Program Safe and How is my Privacy Protected?

Intel takes many precautions in protecting the information that is collected and transmitted from potentially harmful access. We only collect data for the specific Software(s) listed in the Intel Software Improvement Program dialog box, and it's only disclosed according to the terms described in the Intel privacy notice. Data collected is stored or processed in the United States or any other country where Intel or third-party partners operate.

This program is not spyware and cannot collect information without your full knowledge or consent. The program takes only those actions described on this page, and only if you give your permission.

How does the Intel Software Improvement Program Work?

This is an automated program that requires minimal effort to participate. Customers simply choose to participate, granting Intel permission to collect data. With participation, a small configuration file will be downloaded to your computer from time to time. The purpose of this file is to update the configuration of the data that is collected.

How do I participate in the Intel Software Improvement Program?

During installation, you will be presented with a dialog box asking if you would like to participate in the program. If you do not recall responding to this dialog box, follow these instructions:

  1. Launch your Intel Software Manager.
  2. Choose SettingsImprovement Program Options.
  3. Select the Yes option in the box that appears, and then click OK.

How do I say No?

Simply select I do NOT consent to the collection of my information in the dialog box asking for your permission, and then click OK.

What if I Give Permission and then Change my Mind Later?

You can choose Settings, Improvement Program Options from the Intel Software Manager at any time. You can then select I do NOT consent to the collection of my information option and stop your participation. After you select this option, data collection and transmission to Intel will stop for the applicable software. You do not need to repeat this step for each component.

To opt-out from the Improvement Program on Linux* and macOS* in command line mode you can use the following command:

/opt/intel/ism/bin/{arch}/intelremotemon -sc 0

Will I Receive Surveys or e-mail if I Participate in the Program?

You will not receive any surveys or additional e-mails as a result of participation in this program. 

Do I need an Internet Connection?

An Internet connection is required to participate in this program. However, you do not need to be connected all the time. When an Internet connection becomes available, the information is automatically transmitted with minimal impact to your connection.

Why should I trust Intel with this Type of Information?

Intel strives to protect information during collection and transmission. You can learn more about how we handle user/customer information by reviewing Intel's privacy notice.

Can I see the Data that is Collected before it is Sent to Intel?

This program is designed to work without affecting software use, so the data is sent automatically.  However, you do have the ability to see the collected raw data by opening the SQLite *.db file.

On Windows*:

  • Windows XP:  C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Intel Corporation\Remote Monitoring\intelremotemon.db 
  • Windows 7/8/10:  C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Intel Corporation\Remote Monitoring\intelremotemon.db 

On Linux*:

  • Root: /opt/intel/ism/rm/intelremotemondata.db 
  • Non-root: {HOME}/intel/ism/rm/intelremotemondata.db 

How Long does the Program Last?

Information is collected as long as you use the Software version for which you have agreed to participate or until you decide to stop participating in the program.

Which Products Support the Intel Software Improvement Program?

Software development tools are the first set of Intel Software to support this new program. However, Intel may include support for this program in additional products.

Is this Information Collected for all the Intel Software I Use?

If you participate, only information about the Intel Software listed in the Intel® Software Manager will be collected.

Does Intel Log my MAC Address?

Yes, Intel maintains a log of the last 4 characters of your MAC address to help group usage data to one source. The MAC address is not used to identify you as a participant in this program.

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