Join us at Open Source Summit Europe 2023



Bilbao, Spain is well known for the Guggenheim Museum, home to modern and contemporary art. This month, the open-source community will gather in Bilbao to share their experiences in the art of software development. Open Source Summit Europe 2023 takes place from September 19–21. If you can’t be there, there’s a free virtual pass.

If you are attending, visit us at Booth G/S3 to see a demo of how Intel® Extension for PyTorch can reduce carbon emissions while maintaining the performance of large language models (LLMs). We’re also showing the Intel® Energy Estimator library, which estimates the energy consumption of workloads running on Intel processors, and the Automated Self-Checkout Retail Reference Implementation, which helps you to create camera-driven automated checkout systems for shops. The booth is open Tuesday through Thursday, including the booth crawl on Wednesday evening.

Monday Sept. 18 is OpenSSF Day, with keynotes from the Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF) and a focus on security. We’re taking part in these sessions:

On Tuesday, you can get practical tips from CRob and David A. Wheeler, Linux Foundation Director of Open Source Supply Chain Security, on Implementing the OpenSSF Best Practices Badge and Scorecards in your project.

On Wednesday, Francesc Guim, Principal Engineer, will present on Energy Proportional Edge Computing Infrastructure. He’ll explain how organizations can reduce carbon emissions by shifting workloads by time or place and by managing system power states. The evening’s booth crawl is an ideal opportunity to visit us (Booth G/S3)!

Wednesday also marks the start of the two-day Linux Security Summit Europe, co-located with Open Source Summit Europe. Security architect Elena Reshetova will start the day with opening remarks. Later in the morning, Tamas K. Lengyel, Senior Security Researcher, will talk about Estimating Security Risk Through Repository Mining. He ran automated scans on thousands of GitHub repositories to test whether the metrics in the OpenSSF Scorecard can help predict bugs.

On Thursday, Ezequiel Lanza, AI Open Source Evangelist, will discuss The Search for Transparency and Accountability in the Age of AI. He’ll cover responsible AI (RAI) and explainable AI (XAI) and explore the synergistic relationship between the two.

We hope you can meet us in Bilbao or tune in online. Keep up to date with open source at Intel by following us on X (formerly Twitter) at @OpenAtIntel.