AI Student Ambassador Divyansh Jha: Building a Community of AI Enthusiasts

Published: 10/15/2018  

Last Updated: 10/15/2018

Using AI to Solve Real-world Challenges and Inspire Others

Divyansh Jha joined the Intel® Student Ambassador Program in late 2017 with a focus on continuing his artificial intelligence (AI) education and sharing his work to inspire others.  In addition to building a community of like-minded enthusiasts in Delhi, his latest project involves discussing images with an AI bot.  The Intel® Student Ambassador Program was created to work collaboratively with students at innovative schools and universities doing great work in the machine learning (ML) and AI space.  

Tell us about your background.

I grew up in Delhi and ever since childhood I’ve had an attraction towards computers and science. I like to reason things and am drawn to logical subjects like mathematics and sciences. In my pursuit of logic I started to study engineering in the field of electronics and communication and now am in my 4th year.

What got you started in technology?

When I was a kid, my uncle bought a new PC and I was so inspired to see how much we could do with a single small machine that was sitting in our house. That made me excited about technology and studying programming in school helped me to keep that excitement for computers alive.

What projects are you working on now?

Currently I’m working on a project called Visual Dialogue, where a human can have a meaningful dialogue about an image with an AI bot.  I am also implementing research from a paper called “Attention is All You Need” which removes the need of sequential processing models and replaces it with only attention-based models to achieve state-of-the-art (SOTA) results on standard datasets.

Through my internship my team is working on detecting building footprints from satellite imagery.To do this we’re training a Mask R-CNN model using a building footprints dataset which was collected by a large community of people. We’re using ArcGIS* Pro and its API for Python* to extract the red, green, blue (RBG) images from Esri* World Imagery for training. After the model gets trained we will use it to detect footprints over a large area at scale.

I do share my work on my blog for anyone that wants to follow along.

Tell us about any Ambassador events you’ve participated in.

A big part of what I do is working to build a community of people interested in AI. I’ve created a community for local AI enthusiasts, AI Saturdays, for us to meet and study as well as present AI lessons on a variety of topics. We’re just starting our second cycle of AI Saturdays. I’ve also given a talk at ABES College highlighting Intel® technologies and software.

Recently at PyData Delhi 2018, I gave a talk on the applications of deep learning on satellite imagery and how AI can be used for remote sensing.

Tell us about a technology challenge you’ve had to overcome in a project?

The main challenge I’ve faced is lacking compute resources to train my AI model. Previously I would have to go to my friends place and train my model on their hardware after testing my code. Now with the support of Intel and the Intel® AI DevCloud I don’t have this problem.

How are you planning to leverage artificial intelligence or deep learning technologies in your work?

The projects I’m working on are doing great work applying AI and deep learning for remote sensing. Also, the work I did for my previous internship on swimming pool detection and classification was presented at the plenary session at ESRI UC 2018, you can watch a video of it or learn more at this blog.

What are you looking forward to doing as a Student Ambassador?

My goal is to do a variety of projects and share the knowledge that I have. I enjoy being innovative and inspiring the people around me about AI.

How can Intel help students like you succeed?

Students need two things to succeed in AI:guidance and computer resources. Intel is providing these things to the ambassadors in the program now and it’s helping myself and other student’s to succeed.

What impact on the world do you see AI having? And do you see yourself as part of it?

AI will improve the efficiency of humans. It will make us better. It might take away a few jobs but will generate a lot more. I don't see AI as taking over humans, but rather improving our lives.

Outside of technology, what type of hobbies do you enjoy?

I like watching and playing football – FC Barcelona is my favorite club and Leo Messi is my Idol.

Join the Intel® Student Ambassador Program for AI

Upon acceptance into the Intel® Student Ambassador Program for AI, Graduate and PhD students from top universities worldwide can access newly-optimized frameworks and technologies, hands-on training, and technical resources provided by the Intel® AI Academy.  To be considered for the program, apply today.

Learn more about the Intel® Student Ambassador Program for AI or Intel® AI DevCloud.  For inspiration or to start sharing your work, join our community collaboration platform Developer Mesh.

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