Intel® Student Ambassador Program for AI: What Is It?

Published: 02/08/2017  

Last Updated: 11/09/2017

By Robert P Duffy

In November of 2016 we announced the Intel® AI Academy for Students, created to work collaboratively with students at innovative schools and universities doing great work in the Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence space. As part of this program we also announced the Intel® Student Ambassador Program for AI, an exciting new program for university students to engage with Intel around their work in Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence.  

What is the Student Ambassador program? 

Student Ambassadors

The Student Ambassador Program is a developer affinity program, designed to assist student experts in telling their story and share their expertise with other student data scientists and developers.  Intel is working with universities across the globe to introduce this program.  Those students invited into the program as Student Ambassadors are provided technical support, resources, and marketing to advance their own work through Intel software, tools, and hardware.  This program is primarily targeted toward graduate students; however, undergrads and PhD students can apply should they have the combined education, skill and time to fulfill program requirements (note: this program does not provide a college internship with Intel, nor does it provide placement for employment with Intel). 

What are the benefits of the Student Ambassador program? 

The Student Ambassador Program offers many benefits for the select students who are invited into the program. These benefits include:

  • Formal association with Intel® Corporation via Student Ambassador title, swag, and affiliation
  • Free software, tools and libraries from Intel
  • Direct access to their own instance on the Intel® AI DevCloud, Intel's AI cluster, to power the development and training of deep learning models
  • Access to early disclosure information (under NDA) during monthly meetings with Intel
  • Direct access to Intel engineers and resources to support their work and adoption and integration of Intel® architecture
  • Sponsored travel to support speakerships and/or training by or for the Student Ambassador
  • Sponsored funds to assist in hosting, training, and speaking sessions at their campus to promote their work 
  • Numerous speakership and collaboration opportunities coordinated by the Intel® AI Academy for Students, exclusively for Intel® Student Ambassadors
  • Opportunities to apply for Early Innovation micro-funding opportunities, solely for Student Ambassadors

What are the expectations for Student Ambassadors? 

Student Ambassadors will continue in their role as long as the student is able to and desires to continue as a Student Ambassador or upon their graduation, whichever comes first. During their time as a Student Ambassador, each is expected to complete the following:

  • Create of an online profile and posting of at least one (1) project to Intel's® Developer Mesh website
  • Deliver three (3) pieces of technical content to be shared on Intel's Developer Website discussing your own research, projects, and interests in the space of Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Host speaker of one (1) or more Ambassador Labs on campus, connecting with your peers and local community, providing training and insight into your work to a total of 125 students or more over the course of a calendar year

I'm interested. How do I get involved? 

For students or faculty interested in the Student Ambassador Program, there are multiple ways to engage with Intel and get involved:

  • Universities can invite Intel to come on campus for a half-day workshop to discuss the program and provide initial training on deep learning and artificial intelligence technologies supporting Intel architecture. Visit this site for more information on setting up a workshop.  
  • For students directly interested in the Student Ambassador program
    • Post information about your research and or student projects to Intel's® Developer Mesh website. This is a key step in us evaluating students for the Ambassador Program. Add these projects to the Student Group on the Intel Developer Mesh website. Posting to this site helps Intel get a glimpse into the student work and helps demonstrate the student's willingness and aptitude for sharing their experience with the community. 
    • After posting a project to Developer Mesh, students can complete and submit an online candidate form

How will Intel support other students, not eligible or able to be a Student Ambassador? 

University Clubs

Intel is also able to support and sponsor student clubs at universities. With this program Intel is able to provide sponsorship funds to select university clubs. Sponsorship funds help support a club's cost for meetings and gatherings, in exchange for the club discussing and sharing information about Intel's support of Artificial Intelligence. Select clubs will be provided with an AI training kit, including content and documentation to share and discuss during their meetings and gatherings. Select university clubs will be prioritized for guest speakerships by Intel or associated partners as resources are available. Those interested in being evaluated as an Intel Student Program University Club can submit information for candidacy here.  

Intel is excited about the opportunity to work and engage directly with students who are shaping and advancing new work and use cases for Artificial Intelligence via campus workshops, Student Ambassadors, and University Clubs. Our aim is to provide students and developers the resources and opportunity to have a voice and influence in driving AI forward. Learn more on the Intel Student Ambassador site, check out the AI projects on Mesh, or contact Niven Singh, Intel's Student Community Manager directly for more information.

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