WWT Shows FPGA Benefits in Advanced Technology Center

Published: 07/08/2019  

Last Updated: 07/08/2019

First national system integrator for Intel® PSG adds FPGA “Center of Excellence” to its Advanced Technology Center, enabling customers to experience benefits of acceleration

World Wide Technology (WWT) is the first national system integrator for the Intel® Programmable System Group (PSG) bringing important worldwide sales and technology integration resources - including thousands of trained sales engineers and access to WWT’s massive Integration Technology Center (ITC) - to customers that are considering acceleration technologies

As a part of its commitment to PSG, WWT has developed an FPGA “Center of Excellence” within the company’s 10,000-square-foot Advanced Technology Center (ATC) located in St. Louis, MO. This is a unique and powerful resource as it provides an environment for customers to build and operate a complete solution and see the benefits of FPGA acceleration firsthand.

Founded in 1990, World Wide Technology (WWT) has grown from a small product reseller into a worldwide technology solution leader with more than $11.4 billion in annual revenue and 5,500 employees located in 70 offices around the world. WWT serves the technology needs of large public and private organizations around the globe, including more than 50 of the FORTUNE 100. Many of these customers are in vertical markets, such as oil & gas, financial services, healthcare, utilities and service provider, that need the performance that FPGA products add to a system.

Access to the WWT ITC is important because it allows WWT engineers to stage, configure and integrate the FPGA-based system so it delivers the expected performance as soon as it is installed. The company’s St. Louis ITC has more than 2+ million square feet with 45,000 square feet dedicated to a configuration lab and the rest for storing up to 1 million items.

Advanced Technology Center

The ATC is a unique element of WWT’s customer interactions because it helps WWT bring technology solutions to life and provides the environment and computing resources to allow WWT to work collaboratively with customers on complete solutions that solve business problems. The ATC includes three data centers with more than 300 racks of equipment that can be used to build solutions for big data, collaboration, computing and cloud, mobility, networking, security and storage challenges. Customer or partner teams can work on-site or virtually with access to demos, workshops, labs, proofs of concepts, advisory services and training. The ATC offers access to scalable lab resources that allow interaction with customer and partner environments and collaboration on architectural solutions.

Advanced Technology Center image

Figure 1: View of one of the customer lounges in the WWT Advanced Technology Center. (Photo used with permission of WWT.)


FPGA Center of Excellence

Within the ATC is the FPGA “Center of Excellence,” which allows customers to see how they can utilize an Intel FPGA programmable acceleration card (PAC) in their brownfield or greenfield data center environments. Traditionally, FPGAs required deep domain expertise to program. Intel has been focused on this issue and has developed the Intel Acceleration Stack for Intel Xeon® CPU with FPGAs, which provides software, firmware and tools that simplify the development flow of Intel FPGAs and enable rapid deployment across the data center. This, combined with the PCI Express* (PCIe*)-based Intel FPGA PAC (Intel FPGA PAC), allow customers to add acceleration to a wide range of applications.

The FPGA “Center of Excellence” allows customers to see first hand how a solution would work in their environment.  This gives customers all the performance information they need to select the solution that will solve their unique business problem.

The FPGA Center of Excellence features demonstrations of the seven market ready FPGA solutions that combine software applications that are fully integrated into accelerated hardware. These solution demos, include:

  • Reniac – Cassandra-based NoSQL database management system designed to handle large amounts of data
  • Swarm64 – PostgreSQL relational database for enterprise data analytics
  • Falcon Computing – genomic analysis using Genomics GATK
  • CT-Accel – JPEG2Lepton and JPEG2Webp high-performance image processing
  • Megh Computing – Real-time analytics of streaming big data
  • Levyx – I/O-intensive Black Scholes financial modeling
  • Napatech – high speed network accelerators applied to network security/monitoring

If you are interested in accessing the powerful tools of WWT’s ACT, contact Dustin Hanson for remote access or to schedule a demo.

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