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Error Message: Cannot Enable Event-Based Sampling Collection


Intel® VTune™
cannot access the PMU resources in the virtualization environment since either the PMU resources are made unavailable through BIOS options or Hyper-V has been activated on an unsupported platform.

Known System Limitations

  • The sampling-based performance profiling on Hyper-V has only been available since Windows 10 RS3 release (version 1709) or later. Check your Windows OS version to make sure the
    can run on the system:
    > winver
    For example,
    Version 1709
    indicates that the supported Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (RedStone3) is running on the system:
  • The Hyper-V allows the sampling-based performance profiling on the latest generation of Intel microarchitectures code named Skylake and Goldmont onward.
    will not be able to work in the Hyper-V environment running on Intel microarchitectures code named Haswell or Broadwell.


To enable hardware event-based sampling collection for systems
prior to
Windows 10 RS3, do the following:
  • Enable access to the PMU resources through BIOS options (if it was disabled manually).
  • Disable the
    feature as follows:
    1. From the
      menu select
      Search > Settings > Turn Windows features on or off
      to open the
      Windows Features
    2. Make sure to disable the
      feature and its sub-features and restart the system.
    3. If the
      feature is not disabled even after the system reboot, you must disable the BIOS VMX (virtualization feature) if it was not turned off already.
To troubleshoot hardware event-based sampling collection problems for Windows 10 RS3, make sure you have the Credential Guard and Device Guard security features disabled on your system.

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