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Performance Snapshot

provides several analysis types that are tailored to examine various application types and aspects of performance. Performance Snapshot captures a picture of these aspects and presents an overview of the workings of your application.
Use Performance Snapshot when you want to see a summary of issues affecting your application. This analysis also includes recommendations for other analysis types that you can run next for a deeper investigation.
Run the Analysis
Before running Performance Snapshot, make sure you Create a project.
  1. Click
    Configure Analysis
    on the
    welcome screen. This opens the
    Performance Snapshot
    analysis type by default. You can also select this analysis from the Analysis Tree.
  2. In the
    pane, specify your target application and any application parameters.
  3. In the
    pane, click the Start button () to run the analysis.
    To run Performance Snapshot from the command line for this configuration, use the Command Line button at the bottom.
  4. Once the data collection is complete, see a performance overview in the
    The overview typically includes several metrics along with their descriptions.
    Expand each metric for detailed information about contributing factors.
    A flagged metric indicates a value outside acceptable/normal operating range. Use tool tips to understand how to improve a flagged metric.
    See guidance on other analyses you should consider running next. The
    Analysis Tree
    highlights these recommendations.

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