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Limit Data Collection

Specify a predefined amount of data to collect by setting up the expected result size or collection time.
This prevents from collecting a large amount of data that may slow down the data processing. For example, it may happen when running Threading Analysis on frequently contended applications or when analyzing long profiles.
Typically, the default maximum amount of raw data used by the
Intel® VTune™
for the result file is enough to identify a problem.
When the data size limit is reached and the data collection is suspended, click the
button on the command toolbar at the bottom of the
Configure Analysis
window. VTune Analyzer proceeds with the analysis of the collected data. If you want to extend the data collection for your target application for future analysis runs, you may modify the default size limit for collected data as follows:
  1. Click the
    Configure Analysis
    button on the
  2. Select a required target system from the
    pane and a target type from the
  3. From the
    section of the
    pane, use the
    Limit collected data by
    group of options and choose any of the following mechanisms:
    • Result size from collection start, MB
      : Set the maximum possible result size (in MB) to collect.
      will start collecting data from the beginning of the target execution and suspend data collection when the specified limit for the result size is reached. For unlimited data size, specify 0.
    • Time from collection end, sec
      : Set the timer enabling the analysis only for the last seconds before the target run or collection is terminated. For example, if you specified 2 seconds as a time limit, the
      starts the data collection from the very beginning but saves the collected data only for the last 2 seconds before you terminate the collection.
    Limiting data collection to the beginning or end of the target execution reduces the size of the raw data gathered by the
    and enables you to quickly start analyzing collection results. If you want to keep the default data size limit but continue collecting data on the next portion of the target execution, run the analysis after a delay using the Start Paused option.

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