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Start cooking your performance analysis. Understand tuning techniques, performance metrics and hardware solutions to collect statistics. Next, drill down to particular tuning or configuration recipes that feature
Intel® VTune™
or its predecessor, Intel® VTune™ Amplifier.
Understand how an application utilizes available hardware resources. Enable it to take advantage of CPU microarchitectures.
Analyze CPU utilization of your OpenMP* or hybrid OpenMP-MPI application. Identify causes for possible inefficiencies.
Estimate overhead when offloading onto an Intel GPU. Analyze the performance of computing tasks offloaded onto the GPU.
Examine metrics that characterize core utilization in terms of packet receiving in DPDK-based applications.
Examine PCIe Bandwidth metrics used in
Intel® VTune™
and investigate PCIe traffic for a packet forwarding DPDK-based workload.
Analyze the efficiency of DPDK Event Device pipeline utilization in your DPDK-based application. Identify issues like inhomogeneous load distribution and worker core underutilization.
Intel® VTune™
to examine the utilization efficiency of the Intel® Data Direct I/O technology, a hardware feature of Intel® Xeon® processors.
Explore the methods of compiling an application binary for distribution, with their pros and cons. Learn to compile a portable binary that uses the latest hardware features while retaining backwards compatibility.

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