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  • 09/08/2022
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Run the SISO Example From One Side (Board A)

The SISO example requires that the sample is launched on Board A and Board B at about the same time. To faciliate this, the remote launch mode is introduced. In this mode, you can launch the SISO example on one board (Board A). The SISO example on Board B is launched automatically, selecting the same start time (base time to start the network communication).
To switch to the remote launch mode, use the optional argument
--remote-address <remote-target-IP>
If the sample is switched to remote launch mode, the following arguments can be used:
  • --remote-interface <remote-interface>
    specifies the remote network interface name.
  • --remote-config-path <remote-config-path>
    specifies the path to the config files on the remote side.
  • --remote-exec-path <remote-exec-path>
    defines the path to the sample executables on the remote board.
The sample on the remote side will be launched in a pre-defined working directory;
. The output directory is pre-defined as
. Intel recommends that you specify the remote folder with fully qualified paths. If you are using relative paths, specify them with respect to the working directory
Follow these basic steps to launch the SISO example in the remote launch mode:
  1. Set up the passwordless SSH connection from Board A to Board B on an external (non-TSN) network interface:
  2. Configure the boards to communicate in the required (optimized or non-optimized) SISO mode (Board A). Command-line example:
    tcc_rt_communication_demo --profile siso-single-a-noopt --interface enp1s0 --remote-address --mode setup --remote-interface enp1s0 --remote-config-path /home/user/sample/cfg --remote-exec-path /home/user/sample/install
  3. Launch the sample from one side (Board A). Command-line example:
    tcc_rt_communication_demo --profile siso-single-a-noopt --interface enp1s0 --remote-address --mode run --remote-interface enp1s0 --remote-config-path /home/user/sample/cfg --remote-exec-path /home/user/sample/install

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