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  • 2022.1
  • 09/08/2022
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Tuning Configuration File

The preproduction tool generates a tuning configuration file after finding a tuning configuration that meets requirements. You can use the file to apply the configuration to the production environment via the production tool. The format of the file is JSON.
Do not edit the contents of the file. Editing the file may lead to unexpected results.

JSON Description

Example tuning configuration file:
{ "specification": { "workload": { "command": "bash ./host_scripts/ python3 /usr/share/tcc_tools/tools/demo/workloads/bin/", "arguments": [ "--device I225", "--iterations 10000000", "--latency_us 90", "--core 3" ] }, "requirements": [ { "producer": "aa:00.0", "traffic_class": 0, "consumer": "Core3", "latency_us": 90, "bytes_per_transfer": 4, "relative_priority": 0 } ] }, "capsule_apply_command": "fwupdate --apply bf2ae378-01e0-4605-9e3b-2ee2fc7339de /home/root/streams_capsule.out.bin", "reboot_command": "reboot", "capsule": "<binary>" }
The file contains the following information:
  • "specification"
    : Contains a copy of the requirements file that was input in the preproduction tool.
  • "capsule_apply_command"
    : Contains the value from the environment file.
  • "reboot_command"
    : Contains the value from the environment file
  • "capsule"
    : The Capsule. The image contains machine-readable data according to the specification of data communication between the data streams optimizer and boot firmware. In addition, the capsule field is converted to text encoding from binary because JSON format expects text data only.

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