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  • 09/08/2022
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Setup Software SRAM Script

script is used to prepare the target system for using the cache allocation library. The script has the following parameters:
$ ./ --help - prepare target for cache allocation library Usage: enable|disable [-c <cpu_model>|--cpu <cpu_model>] [-v|--verify] [-h|--help] enable Enable cache locking capabilities (enable RTCM, driver, and create software SRAM regions) and reboot disable Disable cache locking capabilities (disable RTCM and delete software SRAM regions) and reboot Optional arguments -c, --cpu CPU to configure. Without the argument, the script will automatically detect the processor. Supported: <values> -h, --help Show this help message and exit -v, --verify Do not perform the action, but verify that the system is configured
To get the list of supported processors - run the script on the target board.
Basic parameters are
. Executing the script with the
parameter will enable RTCM and
driver, and create software SRAM regions. Executing the script with the
parameter will disable RTCM and revert software SRAM regions to the initial configuration.
During the execution with the
parameter, the script will create software SRAM regions based on presets for the processor on the target. See the list below for information about what preset is used for a particular processor:

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