Developer Guide

  • 2021.3
  • 11/18/2021
  • Public

Enable Log Output

The software toolkit uses logging internally. You can enable log output for applications.
  • To enable log output, set the TCC_LOG_LEVEL environment variable. Possible values:
    • TRACE
    • DEBUG
    • INFO
    • ERROR
    • FATAL
    • NONE
The following example enables debug log output and prints the output to the console:
TCC_LOG_LEVEL=DEBUG tcc_cache_allocation_sample --collect --latency 200
  • To redirect log output to a file, set the TCC_LOG_TO_FILE environment variable.
    The following example enables debug log output and redirects the output to a file named
    . The log file appears in the current directory. You can use a different file name.
    TCC_LOG_TO_FILE=somefile.log TCC_LOG_LEVEL=DEBUG tcc_cache_allocation_sample --collect --latency 200

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