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  • 2021.3
  • 11/18/2021
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About the Data Streams Optimizer

The data streams optimizer focuses on tuning the I/O fabric to enhance the transfer of data between two processor subsystems. In the context of the tool, the transfer of data is referred to as
data streams
. The tool also changes system power management. It reduces power management to satisfy the most stringent real-time requirements, or increases power management in cases where the real-time requirements are more relaxed. This makes the data streams optimizer a powerful tool that ensures the system is optimally configured for a given use case.
In this release, processor subsystems include memory, processor cores, and PCIe endpoint.
  1. Specify your requirements, such as latency and bytes per transfer, for data movement between these entities.
  2. The tool identifies the control points between these entities that could be tuned to meet the requirements.
  3. The tool performs tuning by writing specific values to registers for the control points.
  4. The tool instructs the boot firmware to write the values to those registers upon the next boot and then triggers a reboot of the system.
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