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  • 2021.3
  • 11/18/2021
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BDF Script

This script is used by the data streams optimizer on the target system to get the device root port on the device’s BDF address.
To support Windows* OS as a target, the Intel® TCC Tools package contains an example of a modified script.
If you have a Windows* OS target with UEFI BIOS, you can use the example without modifications to run data streams optimizer.
If you have a different Windows* environment, you can copy and modify the script. The script must meet the following requirements to maintain compatibility with the data streams optimizer:
  • Input: BDF address of the device on the target system as a command-line argument in the following format: BB:DD.FF
    • BB – PCI Bus number in hexadecimal format, followed by a colon (:)
    • DD – PCI Device number in hexadecimal format, followed by a decimal point (.)
    • FF – PCI Function number in hexadecimal format
  • Output: The script must only print the root port address in the format BB:DD.FF to STDOUT.
  • Error handling: Any nonzero value returned from the script will be interpreted as an error. Any additional logging should be printed to STDERR.
Command line: tools/target_scripts_win/ aa:00.00 STDOUT: 00:1c.00 Return value: 0 STDERR: <some debug information>
The script requires PCI Utilities to support the data streams optimizer preproduction flow.
You can download the precompiled executables for Windows* OS from The precompiled binaries for x86/x64 variants are available there.
Follow these steps to apply it to an x64 Windows* OS system:
  1. Extract the contents of the archive so that
    and other executables are available at the following recommended path:
  2. Add the path for
    and other executables of PCI Utilities to the
    environment variable, so that
    can be launched in the command-line shell with administrative privileges without specifying the full path.

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