Developer Guide

  • 2021.3
  • 11/18/2021
  • Public

Confirm Target Setup

On the target system, certain components must be present and enabled for the cache allocation library to deliver low-latency buffers. Before running your optimized application on the target system, check the following components.
  1. Confirm that the
    Software SRAM
    option in system firmware is enabled. For details, see Software SRAM Setting.
  2. Confirm that the target system is running the real-time kernel. For steps, see Confirm Real-Time Kernel.
  3. Confirm that the real-time configuration driver is loaded. For steps, see Real-Time Configuration Driver.
  4. Confirm that RTCM is enabled. For steps, see Real-Time Configuration Manager (RTCM).
  5. Confirm that your system administrator has reserved enough software SRAM to support the buffer size and latency requirements of your application. Software SRAM can be viewed and reserved using the Cache Configurator. Without this step, only DRAM buffers can be used.

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