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  • 11/18/2021
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Cache Allocation Library

Before using the data streams optimizer and cache allocation tools on the same system, see the instructions in Compatibility between DSO and Cache Allocation to avoid possible technical and performance issues.
cache allocation library
is a set of C language APIs that help reduce memory access latency by allocating buffers from software SRAM buffers.
  • Software SRAM buffers are better protected in cache and less likely to be evicted by the same or other applications.
  • The library enables you to move your application from one Intel® platform to another without refactoring your code. As long as your application is running on a supported platform, the library will assess the memory hierarchy of the platform and request memory from a software SRAM buffer based on the latency.
The library is useful when you need to bound the worst-case execution time (WCET) of a particular function, for example,
in your application and cannot achieve that WCET with malloc because of memory access jitter. You can replace malloc with the cache allocation library to bound the access latency of the buffer and in turn reduce WCET.

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