Developer Guide

  • 2021.3
  • 11/18/2021
  • Public

Command-Line Options

Running the measurement monitoring sample with the
option yields the following usage message:
Usage: [environment variables] tcc_measurement_monitoring_sample
Environment variables setup:
  • TCC_MEASUREMENTS_BUFFERS: Specify the measurement instances inside the profiled application to use to collect the measurement history. Format:
    , where measurement_name is the measurement name passed to
    in the profiled application, the buffer size is the number of measurements to store, and the deadline is the maximum tolerable latency for each iteration in time units set by TCC_MEASUREMENTS_TIME_UNIT environment variable.
  • TCC_MEASUREMENTS_TIME_UNIT: Specify the time unit that will be used to store the results.
    • “clk” for CPU clock cycles
    • “ns” for nanoseconds
    • “us” for microseconds
  • TCC_MEASUREMENTS_DUMP_FILE: File where measurements are logged after the program finishes.
-h | --help
Optional. Print command-line help.

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