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  • 2021.3
  • 11/18/2021
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About the Sample

The measurement monitoring sample (
) monitors measurements generated by the single measurement sample (
). You can copy and modify the source code to monitor any real-time application instrumented with measurement library APIs.
The monitoring sample processes the measurements in streaming mode. This means that the results are constantly read from the shared memory where they are placed by the instrumented workload.
The monitoring sample needs to start first and waits for the single measurement sample to start. After the single measurement sample starts, the monitoring sample attaches to the shared memory buffer and starts reading latency data.
The monitoring sample prints the latency of each workload iteration, and generates a message when a measurement exceeds the deadline set in the environment.
The monitoring sample runs on a non-real-time core (Core 0 per the Yocto Project*-based image).
For more information about monitoring applications, see Monitor Measurements with an Application.

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