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Ethernet Timestamps Sample

Samples demonstrate how to write code using certain features. They are not performance benchmarks. The output examples shown here are for illustration only. Your output may vary.
The Ethernet timestamps sample (
) is a self-contained example program that demonstrates the time synchronization quality improvements between the system clock (CLOCK_REALTIME) and a Precision Time Protocol Hardware Clock (PHC) on Intel® hardware platforms. The sample uses a Time-Aware GPIO (TGPIO) pin to generate single pulses and the pulse per second (PPS) pin of a network controller to generate periodic signals that are used to evaluate time synchronization precision.

File Locations

After installing the Intel® TCC Tools package on the target system, you can find sample sources and binaries in the following directories:
Target system:
  • Sample sources:
  • Sample binaries:

Source Files

Main file containing the sample

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