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  • 2021.2
  • 06/11/2021
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Capsule Apply Script

The script is used by the data streams optimizer and the cache configurator on the target system to apply a capsule.
The script supports the Yocto Project*-based board support package.
You can copy and modify the script to support another firmware or OS. The scripts must meet the following requirements to maintain compatibility with the data streams optimizer:
  • Input: The first parameter is a capsule version. Other parameters are paths to capsules on the target system.
    When a capsule is copied to the target, the capsule name is specified by the
    script, but the destination is specified in the
    field in the environment file.
    Capsule version is important for Windows* operating systems. The data streams optimizer uses capsule version “1” for Linux* operating systems.
    usage: VERSION CAPSULE_FILE_1 CAPSULE_FILE_2 ... CAPSULE_FILE_N VERSION Capsule version to apply CAPSULE_FILE_N Path to the capsule file
  • Output: Return code must be 0 when the capsule is applied successfully.
  • Error handling: Any nonzero value returned from the script will be interpreted as an error. Any additional logging should be printed to STDERR.
Command line: tools/target_scripts/ 1 /home/root/my_on_target_capsule.capsule STDOUT: some-output-there Return value: 0 STDERR: empty

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