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Step 6: Configure the BIOS

In this step, you will enable Intel® Time Coordinated Computing Mode (Intel® TCC Mode) in the BIOS on the target system. Intel® TCC Mode is an option that configures many individual settings in a single location. These settings are considered the out-of-box configuration for real-time applications and the starting point for exploring Intel® TCC Tools. Based on your use case, you may decide later to use a different configuration.
If you are using a system that has been previously configured for a different use, load default BIOS settings (F3 key in BIOS menu) before starting configuration.
  1. In the BIOS, set
    Intel Advanced Menu
    Intel® Time Coordinated Computing
    Intel® TCC Mode
  2. Execute this step ONLY IF working with an Intel reference BIOS binary on an Intel CRB/RVP. This step will disable security authentication of Intel® TCC. This is to facilitate preproduction evaluation. For more details on the signing mechanism, see the white paper Intel® Time Coordinated Computing (Intel® TCC) Security for UEFI BIOS.
    1. When Intel® TCC Mode is enabled, the Intel® TCC Authentication menu item is available and enabled by default. Confirm that your screen matches this image:
    2. Navigate to the
      Intel® TCC Authentication <Enabled>
      field and change it to
      . A message will appear:
    3. Press
      to confirm the change.
  3. Save your changes and exit the BIOS. The system reboots.
For reference, the
Real-Time Tuning Guide
describes Intel® TCC Mode and affected BIOS settings:

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