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  • 11/03/2021
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Frequency Discipline Sample

Samples are intended to demonstrate how to write code using certain features. They are not performance benchmarks. Example output shown here is for illustration only. Your output may vary.
Frequency discipline is a Time-Aware GPIO (TGPIO) use case that combines the TGPIO hardware capability with software to generate a signal as close to the required frequency as possible (with the smallest period and phase error) by changing the TGPIO period repeatedly. The frequency discipline sample (tcc_frequency_discipline_sample) demonstrates this use case.

File Locations

After installing the Intel® TCC Tools package on the target system, you can find sample sources and binaries in the following directories:
Target system:
  • Sample sources:
  • Sample binaries:

Source Files

Main file containing sample
TGPIO service functions
Definitions for extended PTP-interface functions used by TGPIO driver interface
TGPIO service functions
Data analysis script

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