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  • 2021.1
  • 11/03/2021
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RTCP Sample Workload

The data streams optimizer provides a sample workload called Real-Time Compute Performance (RTCP).
RTCP is a workload created to synthetically measure the performance of a typical real-time control loop in which data is received across a network via PCIe, some amount of compute is performed on this data, and then the data is transmitted back across a network. The nature of RTCP, like a real-time control loop, is designed to exhibit the performance of multiple streams. Streams currently exercised in RTCP are:
  • Core to PCIe (MMIO writes)
  • PCIe from memory (reads)
  • PCIe to memory (writes)
Tuning any or all of these streams will impact the overall latency reported by RTCP.

Source Files

The tool provides RTCP source files in the following directory:
  • Host system:
  • Yocto Project*-based image:
The following table provides a short description of each file:
Main source for executable, sets up NIC for timestamping and runs the workload
Provides helper functions for parsing the command-line arguments
Provides functions to access Intel® Ethernet Controller I210 MMIO space and to set up timestamping
Source for creating a single producer-consumer lockless ring buffer to store timestamps to file
The source files are compiled into the binary

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