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  • 2021.1
  • 11/03/2021
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Create a Workload Validation Script

The workload validation script is a program that is specific to your workload and your performance requirements. The data streams optimizer runs the workload validation script to verify whether the applied configuration meets requirements. You are responsible for writing the script.


The workload validation script must meet the following specifications:
  • Runs your workload.
  • Runs your choice of interference (noisy neighbor) to match production behavior.
  • Checks whether your workload’s requirements are met.
  • The exit code must return 0 if the requirements are met and 1 if the requirements are not met. Any other value means the validation failed to complete, and the tuning process will stop.
  • Any type of program is OK.
  • Stored on the target system.
Your script can validate whatever performance requirements you have defined for your workload. These requirements can differ from data stream requirements defined in the requirements file. For example, your script might validate the total cycle time instead of data stream latency. The idea is that your performance requirements are what is important to you, while the data stream requirements are what is important to the functioning of the tool. The latter benefits the former.
To allow the tool to run the workload validation script, you must enter the script command and arguments in the requirements file.


For a working example of a workload validation script, see RTCP Sample.

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