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  • 11/03/2021
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This topic covers troubleshooting for the cache configurator.
Possible Cause / Solution
Hypervisor detected
A hypervisor or real-time configuration manager (RTCM) is enabled on the target system. Reboot the system without the hypervisor. Disable RTCM per the instructions in Real-Time Configuration Manager (RTCM).
tcc_buffer driver is not loaded
The real-time configuration driver (
) is not loaded on the target system. Load the driver per the instructions in Real-Time Configuration Driver.
Cache configurator capsule_apply_command or efibootmgr fails with the error: “No space left on device”
EFI NVRAM contains too many error logs. To fix the issue, delete the logs:
  1. Boot into the EFI shell.
  2. Run the following command to delete EFI-variable with log:
    dmpstore -d -guid 0abba7dc-e516-4167-bbf5-4d9d1c739416
Resulting configuration is different from requested configuration after applying.
This issue may appear when running the cache configurator for the first time after BIOS flashing. To solve the problem, run the cache configurator to configure the system again.

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