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  • 2021.1
  • 11/03/2021
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Prerequisites and Installation

This topic covers prerequisites and installation for Intel® TCC Tools.

Host-Target Environment

The recommended environment for using Intel® TCC Tools consists of a host system for development tasks and a target system with supported hardware platform for application deployment and execution.
Select between the default setup and custom setup:
    • Lists all prerequisites, including host and target specifications
    • Includes complete installation of Intel® TCC Tools and dependencies on a Linux host system
    • Covers complete installation of Intel® TCC Tools on a target system (after a BSP with Intel® TCC Tools dependencies layer has been installed)
    • Sets up the target system to an out-of-the-box real-time optimized state, ending with an initial cache configuration for low-latency memory buffers and running the real-time readiness checker to validate setup
    • Uses command-line scripts to automate and accelerate the process
    • Covers installing Intel® TCC Tools to specific directories on the host system, instead of default paths
    • Includes the option to set only Intel® TCC Tools environment variables on the host system, instead of all variables, and describes the variables
    • Provides steps to install each host dependency manually, instead of all dependencies automatically
    • Offers optional steps for installation on the target
    • Shows how to build libraries from sources

Product and Performance Information


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