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  • 2021.1
  • 12/04/2020
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Platform Register Watch View

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Platform Register Watch
registers view
Platform Register Watch
Platform Register Watch
view basically allows you to monitor the values of specific registers during runtime.
For each register added to the view, the following information is displayed:
  • Name
  • Visualized place in the register hierarchy
  • Address in hexadecimal and decimal formats
  • Description
  • ID of the debug context associated with the register.
View Toolbar Options
You can interact with the
Platform Register Watch
view using the following buttons:
show register dict
Show Register Dict
Opens a dialog box, which duplicates the contents and functionality of the Platform Register Dictionary view. This option allows you to save working space by interacting with the dialog box instead of the associated view.
Remove From Watch
Removes a selected register from the view.
remove all
Remove All From Watch
Removes all registers from the view.

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