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  • 2021.1
  • 12/04/2020
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Other Issues

If you are facing issues that are not described in this section, try and implement any of the following solutions to fix the problem:
  • Troubleshoot issues with the Target Connection Service using any of the methods below:
    • Configure your firewall to approve connections from the
    • Ensure that the UDP port 1534 is not in use by any other application.
    • Close any running VPN or VNC clients.
  • Remove old connection configurations to unblock incompatibility issues:
    1. Close the IDE (for example, Intel® System Studio) used.
    2. Wait five seconds and verify that the
      process has stopped. If
      is still running, kill it manually.
    3. Delete the Target Connection Service directory:
      • On Windows* OS:
      • On Linux* OS:
    4. Launch the IDE again.

Product and Performance Information


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