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  • 2021.1
  • 12/04/2020
  • Public Content

Launching the Target Connection Assistant Wizard

  1. Launch the Intel® System Debugger.
  2. To switch to the Debug perspective, click the
    open perspective icon
    Open Perspective
    button on the top right corner of the Eclipse* toolbar:
    open perspective context
    debug view
    and click
  3. Depending on whether you have existing connections or not:
    • If you have no existing OpenIPC connections, click the
      New Connection
      drop-down list in the main toolbar.
    • If you have connections created earlier but you want to use a new one, expand the TCA connections drop-down list and select
      New Connection
      new connection toolbar
      : If you want to use an existing IPC provider configuration, you need to create a TCA connection configuration based on it. Before configuring the new connection, make sure the required IPC provider is up and running. Use the Task Manager to verify that
      is running, launch the TCA wizard, and select the detected connection.
  4. In the opened dialog box, select
    Detect and connect to target
    to allow the Target Connection Assistant to automatically identify your target connection and click
    Next >
    new connection wizard
    To check or change the IPC provider to be used, click the
    config button
  5. Select your target from the list of possible options.
    If your target is not detected correctly, you can choose and configure it manually. See the Target Connection Assistant help embedded into Eclipse*.
  6. In the
    Connection Summary
    dialog, check the preconfigured settings. You can see the following data:
    • Components of the detected target and their steppings (if available).
    • Probe selected for connection.
    • Version of the IPC provider and the path to it.
    • Intel® System Debugger components supported by the current combination of target and connection method.
      tca summary
  7. Verify the
    Connect to target on finish
    checkbox at the bottom:
    • Checked (default): TCA attempts to connect to the target after you click the
    • Unchecked: TCA adds the newly created connection to the list of existing connections; no further action is taken.
  8. Click

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