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  • 12/04/2020
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Advanced: Using IPC CLI to Configure OpenIPC Connection

The default and recommended way of establishing target connection using the Target Connection Assistant (TCA) is described in the corresponding section.
However, you can use the IPC command line interface (IPC CLI) to run and configure OpenIPC sessions if:
  • TCA does not detect your running OpenIPC session as expected
  • You are used to working with the IPC CLI.
In any of the cases above, follow the steps below to establish target connection:
  1. Launch IPC CLI:
    1. Navigate to the installation root directory and run
      (for Windows* OS host) or
      (for Linux* OS host).
    2. In the opened command line, run
      and configure the OpenIPC session as required.
      For instructions on using the IPC CLI, call
      from the command line or refer to the IPC CLI documentation located at:
      • For Windows* OS host:
      • For Linux* OS host:
  2. When your OpenIPC instance is running, launch the Intel® System Debugger. From the installation root directory, run
    (for Windows* OS host) or
    (for Linux* OS host).
  3. Follow the steps described in the Establishing Target Connection section.
    Remember that you already have an OpenIPC session running so do
    create a new connection in step 4.

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