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  • 2021.1
  • 12/04/2020
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Setting a Breakpoint at Module Entry

To add a breakpoint to intercept the module initialization event, follow the steps below:
: You can only add four breakpoints for module entries due to hardware breakpoint limitations.
  1. Load necessary modules.
    For instructions, see Loading Debug Information or Debugging UEFI BIOS (for loading PEI or DXE modules).
  2. Halt the target and select the desired thread in the Debug view.
  3. Open the Modules view and check if all modules for the selected debug contexts are loaded successfully.
  4. Right-click the desired module and select
    Add Breakpoint at Module Entry
  5. Open the Breakpoints view and check the newly added
    line breakpoint enabled
  6. Resume the target and wait until the breakpoint is hit. You can check the break location in the
: The debugger might break in the
function, which is one or more steps before the module main function. To jump to the proper function, use
step into
Step Into

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