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  • 2021.1
  • 12/04/2020
  • Public Content

Breakpoint Status Indicators

Depending on the current breakpoint status, the icons in the Breakpoints view
  • address breakpoint disabled
    The icon is greyed out - the breakpoint is disabled. To enable it, click the checkbox next to the breakpoint.
  • address breakpoint enabled
    The icon is colorful and the blue tick is present on the bottom-left - the breakpoint is enabled and active.
  • address breakpoint unplanted
    The icon is colorful but the blue tick is missing - the breakpoint is unchecked and is not active. It usually happens after a system reset. To fully enable the breakpoint, click the checkbox next to the breakpoint twice - to disable and enable it back.
Additionally, you can see the breakpoint status report. Right-click the breakpoint in the Breakpoints view, select
Breakpoint Properties
, and check the

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