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  • 12/04/2020
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CPU Operation Modes

When the target is suspended, you can see the CPU operating modes for a particular thread. Select the thread in the Debug view and see the mode information in the status bar at the bottom:
The list below shows available modes:
cpu mode
  • Protected
    - the native operating mode of the processor.
  • Real
    (or Real-address) - the mode that provides the programming environment of the Intel 8086 processor with extensions.
  • Virtual86
    (or Virtual-8086) - a quasi-operating mode that allows the processor execute 8086 software in a protected, multitasking environment.
  • Compatibility
    - the IA-32e submodule that allows most legacy protected-mode applications to run unchanged.
  • 64-Bit
    - the IA-32e submodule that rovides 64-bit linear addressing and support for physical address space larger than 64 GBytes.
  • VMXroot
    - the mode for VMX root operations for Virtual Machine Monitors (VMM)
  • VMXguest
    - the mode for VMX non-root operations for the guest software.
  • SMM
    - System Management Mode that provides an operating system or executive with a transparent mechanism for implementing power management and OEM differentiation features.
For more information on CPU modes, see the Intel® 64 and IA-32 Architectures Software Developer Manual.

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