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  • 2021.1
  • 12/04/2020
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Using Map Files

To load debug information for modules, you can specify map files that contain module information.
  1. In the main Eclipse* toolbar, expand the drop-down menu next to the
    debug config
    button and click
    Debug Configurations
    Alternatively, in the main Eclipse* menu bar, click
    and select
    Debug Configurations
  2. Click the debug configuration under the
    debugger icon
    Intel® System Debugger
    icon on the left.
    If you do not have existing debug configurations, follow the steps described in the Launching the Debugger section.
  3. If the paths in the
    file do not match the actual paths on your system, you need to create a path mapping rule the following way:
    1. Open the
      path map tab
      Path Map
      tab and click
    2. In the opened dialog box specify the path fragment used in the map file (Source) and the one used on your system (Destination).
    3. Click
    4. When you finish adding path rules, click
      on the bottom of the tab.
  4. Navigate to the
    UEFI Awareness
    os awareness
  5. To load the map file, click
    next to an appropriate field and select the required files.
  6. Click
  7. Click
    to launch the debugger.
  8. To verify that the information from your map file has been loaded successfully, open the
    modules view
    view and ensure that all loaded
    files are displayed correctly. See the example output below:
    os awareness output

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