• 04/03/2020
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Intel's Extensions to the OpenVX* API: Advanced Tiling

The OpenVX* Advanced Tiling Extension is an Intel API extension. It is designed to support kernels that require complex tile dependencies, beyond one-to-one mapping with Khronos OpenVX* User Kernel Tiling Extension.
For a detailed code example, refer to the
Color Copy Pipeline OpenVX sample
description in the OpenVX Sample Applications section.
The Advanced Tiling Extension accommodates the following:
  • Kernels requiring non-trivial mapping between input/output tiles, such as rotation or scale.
  • Kernels for which output tiles need to be produced serially (like error diffusion, below).
  • Kernels for which an output tile depends on different tiles from multiple input images.
An advanced tiling kernel is added to an OpenVX context using the following interface:
vx_kernel vxAddAdvancedTilingKernelIntel(vx_context context, vx_char name[VX_MAX_KERNEL_NAME], vx_enum enumeration, vx_advanced_tiling_kernel_intel_f kernel_func_ptr, vx_mapping_intel_f mapping_func_ptr, vx_uint32 num_params, vx_kernel_validate_f validate, vx_kernel_initialize_f initialize, vx_kernel_deinitialize_f deinitialize, vx_kernel_preprocess_intel_f preprocess, vx_kernel_postprocess_intel_f postprocess, vx_kernel_set_tile_dimensions_intel_f settiledimensions vx_kernel_tile_dimensions_initialize_intel_f tiledimensionsinit);
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