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Intel® oneAPI Math Kernel Library LAPACK Examples

LAPACK - Linear Algebra PACKage, is a de-facto standard of the linear algebra functionality. The reference code is provided at Netlib site
Intel® oneAPI Math Kernel Library provides multi-core optimized high performance LAPACK functionality consistent with the standard.
The Intel® oneAPI Math Kernel Library (oneMKL) LAPACK examples are Fortran and C source files that illustrate how to call LAPACK routines in the oneMKL library.
The examples show how to:
  • fill the input matrices in column-major order
  • pass the parameters
  • query the optimal size of the work arrays
  • interpret the output results
For more information on LAPACK functionality, please refer to Intel® oneAPI Math Kernel Library Developer Reference at or to the Netlib site at
Follow the links to the general LAPACK naming conventions and information on how to obtain the required example:
Follow the links below for information on how to compile and build examples with different bindings:
This document includes the following sections:

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