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  • 2022.1
  • 04/11/2022
  • Public Content

enum dnnl_format_tag_t


Memory format tag specification. More…
#include <dnnl_types.h> enum dnnl_format_tag_t { dnnl_format_tag_undef = 0, dnnl_format_tag_any, dnnl_a, dnnl_ab, dnnl_abc, dnnl_abcd, dnnl_acbd, dnnl_abcde, dnnl_abcdef, dnnl_abcdefg, dnnl_abcdefgh, dnnl_abcdefghi, dnnl_abcdefghij, dnnl_abcdefghijk, dnnl_abcdefghijkl, dnnl_abdc, dnnl_abdec, dnnl_acb, dnnl_acbde, dnnl_acbdef, dnnl_acdb, dnnl_acdeb, dnnl_ba, dnnl_bac, dnnl_bacd, dnnl_bacde, dnnl_bca, dnnl_bcda, dnnl_bcdea, dnnl_cba, dnnl_cdba, dnnl_dcab, dnnl_cdeba, dnnl_decab, dnnl_defcab, dnnl_abced, dnnl_abcdfe, dnnl_abcdegf, dnnl_abcdefhg, dnnl_abcdefgih, dnnl_abcdefghji, dnnl_abcdefghikj, dnnl_abcdefghijlk, dnnl_Abc16a, dnnl_ABc16a16b, dnnl_ABc32a32b, dnnl_ABc4a4b, dnnl_aBc16b, dnnl_ABc16b16a, dnnl_Abc4a, dnnl_aBc32b, dnnl_aBc4b, dnnl_ABc4b16a4b, dnnl_ABc2b8a4b, dnnl_ABc16b16a4b, dnnl_ABc16b16a2b, dnnl_ABc4b4a, dnnl_ABc8a16b2a, dnnl_ABc8a8b, dnnl_ABc8a4b, dnnl_aBc8b, dnnl_ABc8b16a2b, dnnl_BAc8a16b2a, dnnl_ABc8b8a, dnnl_Abcd16a, dnnl_Abcd8a, dnnl_ABcd16a16b, dnnl_Abcd32a, dnnl_ABcd32a32b, dnnl_aBcd16b, dnnl_ABcd16b16a, dnnl_aBCd16b16c, dnnl_aBCd16c16b, dnnl_Abcd4a, dnnl_aBcd32b, dnnl_aBcd4b, dnnl_ABcd4b16a4b, dnnl_ABcd16b16a4b, dnnl_ABcd16b16a2b, dnnl_ABcd4b4a, dnnl_ABcd4a4b, dnnl_aBCd2c4b2c, dnnl_aBCd4b8c2b, dnnl_aBCd4c16b4c, dnnl_aBCd2c8b4c, dnnl_aBCd16c16b4c, dnnl_aBCd16c16b2c, dnnl_aBCd4c4b, dnnl_aBCd4b4c, dnnl_ABcd8a16b2a, dnnl_ABcd2b8a4b, dnnl_ABcd8a8b, dnnl_ABcd8a4b, dnnl_aBcd8b, dnnl_aBCd4c8b2c, dnnl_ABcd8b16a2b, dnnl_aBCd8b16c2b, dnnl_BAcd8a16b2a, dnnl_ABcd8b8a, dnnl_aBCd8b8c, dnnl_aBCd8b4c, dnnl_aBCd8c16b2c, dnnl_ABcde8a16b2a, dnnl_aCBd8b16c2b, dnnl_aBCd8c8b, dnnl_Abcde16a, dnnl_Abcde32a, dnnl_ABcde16a16b, dnnl_BAcde8a16b2a, dnnl_aBCd2b4c2b, dnnl_ABcde4b16a4b, dnnl_ABcde2b8a4b, dnnl_aBcde16b, dnnl_ABcde16b16a, dnnl_aBCde16b16c, dnnl_aBCde16c16b, dnnl_aBCde2c8b4c, dnnl_Abcde4a, dnnl_aBcde32b, dnnl_aBcde4b, dnnl_ABcde4b4a, dnnl_ABcde4a4b, dnnl_aBCde4b4c, dnnl_aBCde2c4b2c, dnnl_aBCde4b8c2b, dnnl_aBCde4c16b4c, dnnl_aBCde16c16b4c, dnnl_aBCde16c16b2c, dnnl_aBCde4c4b, dnnl_Abcde8a, dnnl_ABcde8a8b, dnnl_ABcde8a4b, dnnl_BAcde16b16a, dnnl_aBcde8b, dnnl_ABcde8b16a2b, dnnl_aBCde8b16c2b, dnnl_aBCde4c8b2c, dnnl_aCBde8b16c2b, dnnl_ABcde8b8a, dnnl_ABcde32a32b, dnnl_aBCde8b8c, dnnl_aBCde8b4c, dnnl_ABc4a8b8a4b, dnnl_ABcd4a8b8a4b, dnnl_ABcde4a8b8a4b, dnnl_BAc4b8a8b4a, dnnl_BAcd4b8a8b4a, dnnl_BAcde4b8a8b4a, dnnl_ABcd2a8b8a2b, dnnl_aBCd4b8c8b4c, dnnl_aBCde4b8c8b4c, dnnl_aBCde2b8c8b2c, dnnl_aBCde8c16b2c, dnnl_aBCde8c8b, dnnl_aBCde2b4c2b, dnnl_aBcdef16b, dnnl_aBCdef16b16c, dnnl_aBCdef16c16b, dnnl_aBCdef4c16b4c, dnnl_aBCdef2c8b4c, dnnl_aBCdef4c8b2c, dnnl_aBCdef2b4c2b, dnnl_aBcdef4b, dnnl_aBCdef4c4b, dnnl_aBCdef4b4c, dnnl_aBCdef2c4b2c, dnnl_aBCdef4b8c2b, dnnl_aBCdef8b8c, dnnl_aBCdef8b4c, dnnl_aBCdef8c16b2c, dnnl_aBCdef4b8c8b4c, dnnl_aBCdef8b16c2b, dnnl_aCBdef8b16c2b, dnnl_aBCdef8c8b, dnnl_aBdc16b, dnnl_aBdC16b2c, dnnl_aBdC16b4c, dnnl_aBdc4b, dnnl_aBdc8b, dnnl_aBdec16b, dnnl_aBdeC16b2c, dnnl_aBdeC16b4c, dnnl_aBdec32b, dnnl_aBdec4b, dnnl_aBdec8b, dnnl_aBdefc16b, dnnl_aBdefC16b2c, dnnl_aCBdef16c16b, dnnl_aBdefc4b, dnnl_aBdefc8b, dnnl_Abcdef16a, dnnl_Abcdef32a, dnnl_aBedc16b, dnnl_Acb16a, dnnl_AcB16a2b, dnnl_AcB16a4b, dnnl_Acb4a, dnnl_Acb8a, dnnl_aCBd16b16c, dnnl_aCBd16c16b, dnnl_aCBde16b16c, dnnl_aCBde16c16b, dnnl_Acdb16a, dnnl_AcdB16a2b, dnnl_AcdB16a4b, dnnl_Acdb32a, dnnl_Acdb4a, dnnl_Acdb8a, dnnl_Acdeb16a, dnnl_AcdeB16a2b, dnnl_Acdeb4a, dnnl_Acdeb8a, dnnl_Adcb16a, dnnl_BAc16a16b, dnnl_BAc16b16a, dnnl_BAcd16a16b, dnnl_BAcd16b16a, dnnl_aCBd4c8b8c4b, dnnl_aCBde4c8b8c4b, dnnl_aCBdef4c8b8c4b, dnnl_BAcde16a16b, dnnl_aCBdef16b16c, dnnl_abdfce, dnnl_abdefc, dnnl_ABc16b32a, dnnl_ABc16b64a, dnnl_ABc4b32a4b, dnnl_ABc4b64a4b, dnnl_ABc8b32a2b, dnnl_ABc8b64a2b, dnnl_AB16b16a, dnnl_AB16b32a, dnnl_AB16b64a, dnnl_AB8b16a2b, dnnl_AB8b32a2b, dnnl_AB8b64a2b, dnnl_AB4b16a4b, dnnl_AB4b32a4b, dnnl_AB4b64a4b, dnnl_AB16b16a4b, dnnl_ABcd16b32a, dnnl_ABcd16b64a, dnnl_ABcd4b32a4b, dnnl_ABcd4b64a4b, dnnl_ABcd8b32a2b, dnnl_ABcd8b64a2b, dnnl_ABcde4b32a4b, dnnl_ABcde4b64a4b, dnnl_ABcde16b16a4b, dnnl_ABcde16b16a2b, dnnl_ABcde16b32a, dnnl_ABcde16b64a, dnnl_ABcde8b32a2b, dnnl_ABcde8b64a2b, dnnl_aBCdef16c16b4c, dnnl_aBCdef16c16b2c, dnnl_AB32a32b8a4b, dnnl_AB8a4b, dnnl_AB32a32b8a2b, dnnl_AB8a2b, dnnl_abDc32d, dnnl_abDC32d4c, dnnl_abdEc32e, dnnl_abdEC32e2c, dnnl_abdEC32e4c, dnnl_aBdefC16b4c, dnnl_AcdeB16a4b, dnnl_ABcd16a16b2a, dnnl_ABc16a16b2a, dnnl_aBCd16b16c2b, dnnl_aBCde16b16c2b, dnnl_Acb32a, dnnl_AcB32a2b, dnnl_AcB32a4b, dnnl_Acb48a, dnnl_AcB48a2b, dnnl_AcB48a4b, dnnl_Acb64a, dnnl_AcB64a2b, dnnl_AcB64a4b, dnnl_cBa2b, dnnl_cBa4b, dnnl_aBdc32b, dnnl_aBdC32b2c, dnnl_aBdC32b4c, dnnl_aBdc48b, dnnl_aBdC48b2c, dnnl_aBdC48b4c, dnnl_aBdc64b, dnnl_aBdC64b2c, dnnl_aBdC64b4c, dnnl_adcb, dnnl_adCb2c, dnnl_adCb4c, dnnl_AcdB32a2b, dnnl_AcdB32a4b, dnnl_Acdb48a, dnnl_AcdB48a2b, dnnl_AcdB48a4b, dnnl_Acdb64a, dnnl_AcdB64a2b, dnnl_AcdB64a4b, dnnl_cdBa2b, dnnl_cdBa4b, dnnl_aBdeC32b2c, dnnl_aBdeC32b4c, dnnl_aBdec48b, dnnl_aBdeC48b2c, dnnl_aBdeC48b4c, dnnl_aBdec64b, dnnl_aBdeC64b2c, dnnl_aBdeC64b4c, dnnl_adecb, dnnl_adeCb2c, dnnl_adeCb4c, dnnl_Acdeb32a, dnnl_AcdeB32a2b, dnnl_AcdeB32a4b, dnnl_Acdeb48a, dnnl_AcdeB48a2b, dnnl_AcdeB48a4b, dnnl_Acdeb64a, dnnl_AcdeB64a2b, dnnl_AcdeB64a4b, dnnl_cdeBa2b, dnnl_cdeBa4b, dnnl_aBdefc32b, dnnl_aBdefC32b2c, dnnl_aBdefC32b4c, dnnl_aBdefc48b, dnnl_aBdefC48b2c, dnnl_aBdefC48b4c, dnnl_aBdefc64b, dnnl_aBdefC64b2c, dnnl_aBdefC64b4c, dnnl_adefcb, dnnl_adefCb2c, dnnl_adefCb4c, dnnl_AB16b32a4b, dnnl_AB16b48a4b, dnnl_AB16b64a4b, dnnl_AB16b16a2b, dnnl_AB16b32a2b, dnnl_AB16b48a2b, dnnl_AB16b64a2b, dnnl_ABc16b32a4b, dnnl_ABc16b48a4b, dnnl_ABc16b64a4b, dnnl_ABc16b32a2b, dnnl_ABc16b48a2b, dnnl_ABc16b64a2b, dnnl_ABcd16b32a4b, dnnl_ABcd16b48a4b, dnnl_ABcd16b64a4b, dnnl_ABcd16b32a2b, dnnl_ABcd16b48a2b, dnnl_ABcd16b64a2b, dnnl_ABcde16b32a4b, dnnl_ABcde16b48a4b, dnnl_ABcde16b64a4b, dnnl_ABcde16b32a2b, dnnl_ABcde16b48a2b, dnnl_ABcde16b64a2b, dnnl_ABc32a16b, dnnl_ABcd32a16b, dnnl_ABcde32a16b, dnnl_AB48a16b, dnnl_AB48a32b, dnnl_ABc40a16b, dnnl_ABc40a32b, dnnl_aBC48b16c, dnnl_aBC48b32c, dnnl_ABcd40a16b, dnnl_ABcd40a32b, dnnl_abCd32c, dnnl_abdCe32c, dnnl_abdCE32c2e, dnnl_BA16a16b2a, dnnl_BA16a32b2a, dnnl_BA16a48b2a, dnnl_BA16a64b2a, dnnl_BA16a16b4a, dnnl_BA16a32b4a, dnnl_BA16a48b4a, dnnl_BA16a64b4a, dnnl_ABcd8a2b, dnnl_aBdeC16c16b2c, dnnl_aBdeC16c16b4c, dnnl_aBdefC16c16b2c, dnnl_AcB16b16a2b, dnnl_AcB16b16a4b, dnnl_AcdB16b16a2b, dnnl_AcdB16b16a4b, dnnl_AcdeB16b16a2b, dnnl_aBdefC16c16b4c, dnnl_AcdeB16b16a4b, dnnl_AcB16b32a2b, dnnl_AcB16b32a4b, dnnl_AcB16b48a2b, dnnl_AcB16b48a4b, dnnl_AcB16b64a2b, dnnl_AcB16b64a4b, dnnl_aBdC16c16b2c, dnnl_aBdC16c16b4c, dnnl_aBdC16c32b2c, dnnl_aBdC16c32b4c, dnnl_aBdC16c48b2c, dnnl_aBdC16c48b4c, dnnl_aBdC16c64b2c, dnnl_aBdC16c64b4c, dnnl_AcdB16b32a2b, dnnl_AcdB16b32a4b, dnnl_AcdB16b48a2b, dnnl_AcdB16b48a4b, dnnl_AcdB16b64a2b, dnnl_AcdB16b64a4b, dnnl_aBdeC16c32b2c, dnnl_aBdeC16c32b4c, dnnl_aBdeC16c48b2c, dnnl_aBdeC16c48b4c, dnnl_aBdeC16c64b2c, dnnl_aBdeC16c64b4c, dnnl_AcdeB16b32a2b, dnnl_AcdeB16b32a4b, dnnl_AcdeB16b48a2b, dnnl_AcdeB16b48a4b, dnnl_AcdeB16b64a2b, dnnl_AcdeB16b64a4b, dnnl_aBdefC16c32b2c, dnnl_aBdefC16c32b4c, dnnl_aBdefC16c48b2c, dnnl_aBdefC16c48b4c, dnnl_aBdefC16c64b2c, dnnl_aBdefC16c64b4c, dnnl_decbA16a, dnnl_ABc4a2b, dnnl_ABc8a2b, dnnl_aBCd8b2c, dnnl_ABcde4a2b, dnnl_ABcde8a2b, dnnl_ABcde40a16b, dnnl_ABcde40a32b, dnnl_aBCde8b2c, dnnl_ABcde4a8b8a2b, dnnl_ABcd4a8b8a2b, dnnl_ABc4a8b8a2b, dnnl_aBCdef4b8c8b2c, dnnl_aBCde4b8c8b2c, dnnl_aBCd4b8c8b2c, dnnl_BAcde4b8a8b2a, dnnl_BAcd4b8a8b2a, dnnl_BAc4b8a8b2a, dnnl_aCBdef4c8b8c2b, dnnl_aCBde4c8b8c2b, dnnl_aCBd4c8b8c2b, dnnl_aBCdef8b2c, dnnl_AB32a16b, dnnl_AB32a32b, dnnl_BA4b8a8b2a, dnnl_BA4b8a8b4a, dnnl_aBC32b16c, dnnl_aBC32b32c, dnnl_aCB4c8b8c2b, dnnl_aCB4c8b8c4b, dnnl_ABcd4a2b, dnnl_ABc2b8a16b4a, dnnl_ABcd2b8a16b4a, dnnl_ABcde2b8a16b4a, dnnl_ABc2a8b16a4b, dnnl_ABc2a8b16a2b, dnnl_ABc2b32a8b, dnnl_ABcd2a8b16a4b, dnnl_ABcd2a8b16a2b, dnnl_aCBd2c8b16c2b, dnnl_ABcd2b32a8b, dnnl_aBCd2c8b16c2b, dnnl_ABcde2a8b16a4b, dnnl_ABcde2a8b16a2b, dnnl_aCBde2c8b16c2b, dnnl_ABcde2b32a8b, dnnl_aBC2b8c16b2c, dnnl_aBCd2b8c16b2c, dnnl_aBCde2b8c16b2c, dnnl_aBCdef2b8c16b2c, dnnl_BAcde2b8a16b4a, dnnl_BAcd2b8a16b4a, dnnl_BAc2b8a16b4a, dnnl_BAcde2b8a16b2a, dnnl_BAcd2b8a16b2a, dnnl_BAc2b8a16b2a, dnnl_aBCde2c8b16c2b, dnnl_aBCdef2c8b16c2b, dnnl_aCBdef2c8b16c2b, dnnl_aBCd2b8c16b4c, dnnl_aBCde2b8c16b4c, dnnl_BA4b8a16b2a, dnnl_BA4b8a16b4a, dnnl_aCB4c8b16c2b, dnnl_aCB4c8b16c4b, dnnl_BA16a16b, dnnl_BA16a32b, dnnl_BA16a48b, dnnl_BA16a64b, dnnl_aCB16c2b, dnnl_aCB16c4b, dnnl_BA16b2a, dnnl_BA16b4a, dnnl_aBC16b16c, dnnl_aBC16b32c, dnnl_AB16a16b, dnnl_AB16a32b, dnnl_adbc, dnnl_ABcde16a16b2a, dnnl_aBCdef16b16c2b, dnnl_Acedb16a, dnnl_aBdfec16b, dnnl_format_tag_last, dnnl_x = dnnl_a, dnnl_nc = dnnl_ab, dnnl_cn = dnnl_ba, dnnl_tn = dnnl_ab, dnnl_nt = dnnl_ba, dnnl_ncw = dnnl_abc, dnnl_nwc = dnnl_acb, dnnl_nchw = dnnl_abcd, dnnl_nhwc = dnnl_acdb, dnnl_chwn = dnnl_bcda, dnnl_ncdhw = dnnl_abcde, 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dnnl_aBCdef8b4c, dnnl_Goidhw16g = dnnl_Abcdef16a, dnnl_Goidhw32g = dnnl_Abcdef32a, dnnl_gOIdhw2i4o2i = dnnl_aBCdef2c4b2c, dnnl_gOIdhw4i8o2i = dnnl_aBCdef4c8b2c, dnnl_gOIdhw2o4i2o = dnnl_aBCdef2b4c2b, dnnl_gOIdhw4o8i2o = dnnl_aBCdef4b8c2b, dnnl_Owi32o = dnnl_Acb32a, dnnl_OwI32o2i = dnnl_AcB32a2b, dnnl_OwI32o4i = dnnl_AcB32a4b, dnnl_Owi48o = dnnl_Acb48a, dnnl_OwI48o2i = dnnl_AcB48a2b, dnnl_OwI48o4i = dnnl_AcB48a4b, dnnl_Owi64o = dnnl_Acb64a, dnnl_OwI64o2i = dnnl_AcB64a2b, dnnl_OwI64o4i = dnnl_AcB64a4b, dnnl_wIo2i = dnnl_cBa2b, dnnl_wIo4i = dnnl_cBa4b, dnnl_gOwi32o = dnnl_aBdc32b, dnnl_gOwI32o2i = dnnl_aBdC32b2c, dnnl_gOwI32o4i = dnnl_aBdC32b4c, dnnl_gOwi48o = dnnl_aBdc48b, dnnl_gOwI48o2i = dnnl_aBdC48b2c, dnnl_gOwI48o4i = dnnl_aBdC48b4c, dnnl_gOwi64o = dnnl_aBdc64b, dnnl_gOwI64o2i = dnnl_aBdC64b2c, dnnl_gOwI64o4i = dnnl_aBdC64b4c, dnnl_gwio = dnnl_adcb, dnnl_gwIo2i = dnnl_adCb2c, dnnl_gwIo4i = dnnl_adCb4c, dnnl_OhwI32o = dnnl_Acdb32a, dnnl_OhwI32o2i = dnnl_AcdB32a2b, dnnl_OhwI32o4i = dnnl_AcdB32a4b, dnnl_Ohwi48o = dnnl_Acdb48a, dnnl_OhwI48o2i = dnnl_AcdB48a2b, dnnl_OhwI48o4i = dnnl_AcdB48a4b, dnnl_Ohwi64o = dnnl_Acdb64a, dnnl_OhwI64o2i = dnnl_AcdB64a2b, dnnl_OhwI64o4i = dnnl_AcdB64a4b, dnnl_hwIo2i = dnnl_cdBa2b, dnnl_hwIo4i = dnnl_cdBa4b, dnnl_gOhwI32o = dnnl_aBdec32b, dnnl_gOhwI32o2i = dnnl_aBdeC32b2c, dnnl_gOhwI32o4i = dnnl_aBdeC32b4c, dnnl_gOhwi48o = dnnl_aBdec48b, dnnl_gOhwI48o2i = dnnl_aBdeC48b2c, dnnl_gOhwI48o4i = dnnl_aBdeC48b4c, dnnl_gOhwi64o = dnnl_aBdec64b, dnnl_gOhwI64o2i = dnnl_aBdeC64b2c, dnnl_gOhwI64o4i = dnnl_aBdeC64b4c, dnnl_ghwio = dnnl_adecb, dnnl_ghwIo2i = dnnl_adeCb2c, dnnl_ghwIo4i = dnnl_adeCb4c, dnnl_Odhwi32o = dnnl_Acdeb32a, dnnl_OdhwI32o2i = dnnl_AcdeB32a2b, dnnl_OdhwI32o4i = dnnl_AcdeB32a4b, dnnl_Odhwi48o = dnnl_Acdeb48a, dnnl_OdhwI48o2i = dnnl_AcdeB48a2b, dnnl_OdhwI48o4i = dnnl_AcdeB48a4b, dnnl_Odhwi64o = dnnl_Acdeb64a, dnnl_OdhwI64o2i = dnnl_AcdeB64a2b, dnnl_OdhwI64o4i = dnnl_AcdeB64a4b, dnnl_dhwIo2i = dnnl_cdeBa2b, dnnl_dhwIo4i = dnnl_cdeBa4b, dnnl_gOdhwi32o = dnnl_aBdefc32b, dnnl_gOdhwI32o2i = dnnl_aBdefC32b2c, dnnl_gOdhwI32o4i = dnnl_aBdefC32b4c, dnnl_gOdhwi48o = dnnl_aBdefc48b, dnnl_gOdhwI48o2i = dnnl_aBdefC48b2c, dnnl_gOdhwI48o4i = dnnl_aBdefC48b4c, dnnl_gOdhwi64o = dnnl_aBdefc64b, dnnl_gOdhwI64o2i = dnnl_aBdefC64b2c, dnnl_gOdhwI64o4i = dnnl_aBdefC64b4c, dnnl_gdhwio = dnnl_adefcb, dnnl_gdhwIo2i = dnnl_adefCb2c, dnnl_gdhwIo4i = dnnl_adefCb4c, dnnl_OI16i32o4i = dnnl_AB16b32a4b, dnnl_OI16i48o4i = dnnl_AB16b48a4b, dnnl_OI16i64o4i = dnnl_AB16b64a4b, dnnl_OI16i16o2i = dnnl_AB16b16a2b, dnnl_OI16i32o2i = dnnl_AB16b32a2b, dnnl_OI16i48o2i = dnnl_AB16b48a2b, dnnl_OI16i64o2i = dnnl_AB16b64a2b, dnnl_OIw16i32o4i = dnnl_ABc16b32a4b, dnnl_OIw16i48o4i = dnnl_ABc16b48a4b, dnnl_OIw16i64o4i = dnnl_ABc16b64a4b, dnnl_OIw16i32o2i = dnnl_ABc16b32a2b, dnnl_OIw16i48o2i = dnnl_ABc16b48a2b, dnnl_OIw16i64o2i = dnnl_ABc16b64a2b, dnnl_OIhw16i32o4i = dnnl_ABcd16b32a4b, dnnl_OIhw16i48o4i = dnnl_ABcd16b48a4b, dnnl_OIhw16i64o4i = dnnl_ABcd16b64a4b, dnnl_OIhw16i32o2i = dnnl_ABcd16b32a2b, dnnl_OIhw16i48o2i = dnnl_ABcd16b48a2b, dnnl_OIhw16i64o2i = dnnl_ABcd16b64a2b, dnnl_OIdhw16i32o4i = dnnl_ABcde16b32a4b, dnnl_OIdhw16i48o4i = dnnl_ABcde16b48a4b, dnnl_OIdhw16i64o4i = dnnl_ABcde16b64a4b, dnnl_OIdhw16i32o2i = dnnl_ABcde16b32a2b, dnnl_OIdhw16i48o2i = dnnl_ABcde16b48a2b, dnnl_OIdhw16i64o2i = dnnl_ABcde16b64a2b, dnnl_OwI16i16o2i = dnnl_AcB16b16a2b, dnnl_OwI16i16o4i = dnnl_AcB16b16a4b, dnnl_OhwI16i16o2i = dnnl_AcdB16b16a2b, dnnl_OhwI16i16o4i = dnnl_AcdB16b16a4b, dnnl_OdhwI16i16o2i = dnnl_AcdeB16b16a2b, dnnl_OdhwI16i16o4i = dnnl_AcdeB16b16a4b, dnnl_gOwI16i16o2i = dnnl_aBdC16c16b2c, dnnl_gOwI16i16o4i = dnnl_aBdC16c16b4c, dnnl_gOhwI16i16o2i = dnnl_aBdeC16c16b2c, dnnl_gOhwI16i16o4i = dnnl_aBdeC16c16b4c, dnnl_gOdhwI16i16o2i = dnnl_aBdefC16c16b2c, dnnl_gOdhwI16i16o4i = dnnl_aBdefC16c16b4c, dnnl_OwI16i32o2i = dnnl_AcB16b32a2b, dnnl_OwI16i32o4i = dnnl_AcB16b32a4b, dnnl_OwI16i48o2i = dnnl_AcB16b48a2b, dnnl_OwI16i48o4i = dnnl_AcB16b48a4b, dnnl_OwI16i64o2i = dnnl_AcB16b64a2b, dnnl_OwI16i64o4i = dnnl_AcB16b64a4b, dnnl_gOwI16i32o2i = dnnl_aBdC16c32b2c, dnnl_gOwI16i32o4i = dnnl_aBdC16c32b4c, dnnl_gOwI16i48o2i = dnnl_aBdC16c48b2c, dnnl_gOwI16i48o4i = dnnl_aBdC16c48b4c, dnnl_gOwI16i64o2i = dnnl_aBdC16c64b2c, dnnl_gOwI16i64o4i = dnnl_aBdC16c64b4c, dnnl_OhwI16i32o2i = dnnl_AcdB16b32a2b, dnnl_OhwI16i32o4i = dnnl_AcdB16b32a4b, dnnl_OhwI16i48o2i = dnnl_AcdB16b48a2b, dnnl_OhwI16i48o4i = dnnl_AcdB16b48a4b, dnnl_OhwI16i64o2i = dnnl_AcdB16b64a2b, dnnl_OhwI16i64o4i = dnnl_AcdB16b64a4b, dnnl_gOhwI16i32o2i = dnnl_aBdeC16c32b2c, dnnl_gOhwI16i32o4i = dnnl_aBdeC16c32b4c, dnnl_gOhwI16i48o2i = dnnl_aBdeC16c48b2c, dnnl_gOhwI16i48o4i = dnnl_aBdeC16c48b4c, dnnl_gOhwI16i64o2i = dnnl_aBdeC16c64b2c, dnnl_gOhwI16i64o4i = dnnl_aBdeC16c64b4c, dnnl_OdhwI16i32o2i = dnnl_AcdeB16b32a2b, dnnl_OdhwI16i32o4i = dnnl_AcdeB16b32a4b, dnnl_OdhwI16i48o2i = dnnl_AcdeB16b48a2b, dnnl_OdhwI16i48o4i = dnnl_AcdeB16b48a4b, dnnl_OdhwI16i64o2i = dnnl_AcdeB16b64a2b, dnnl_OdhwI16i64o4i = dnnl_AcdeB16b64a4b, dnnl_gOdhwI16i32o2i = dnnl_aBdefC16c32b2c, dnnl_gOdhwI16i32o4i = dnnl_aBdefC16c32b4c, dnnl_gOdhwI16i48o2i = dnnl_aBdefC16c48b2c, dnnl_gOdhwI16i48o4i = dnnl_aBdefC16c48b4c, dnnl_gOdhwI16i64o2i = dnnl_aBdefC16c64b2c, dnnl_gOdhwI16i64o4i = dnnl_aBdefC16c64b4c, dnnl_hwioG16g = dnnl_decbA16a, dnnl_NCdhw40n16c = dnnl_ABcde40a16b, dnnl_NCw40n16c = dnnl_ABc40a16b, dnnl_NChw40n16c = dnnl_ABcd40a16b, dnnl_NCw40n32c = dnnl_ABc40a32b, dnnl_NChw40n32c = dnnl_ABcd40a32b, dnnl_NCdhw40n32c = dnnl_ABcde40a32b, dnnl_OIdhw4o8i8o2i = dnnl_ABcde4a8b8a2b, dnnl_OIhw4o8i8o2i = dnnl_ABcd4a8b8a2b, dnnl_OIw4o8i8o2i = dnnl_ABc4a8b8a2b, dnnl_gOIdhw4o8i8o2i = dnnl_aBCdef4b8c8b2c, dnnl_gOIhw4o8i8o2i = dnnl_aBCde4b8c8b2c, dnnl_gOIw4o8i8o2i = dnnl_aBCd4b8c8b2c, dnnl_IOdhw4i8o8i2o = dnnl_BAcde4b8a8b2a, dnnl_IOhw4i8o8i2o = dnnl_BAcd4b8a8b2a, dnnl_IOw4i8o8i2o = dnnl_BAc4b8a8b2a, dnnl_gIOdhw4i8o8i2o = dnnl_aCBdef4c8b8c2b, dnnl_gIOhw4i8o8i2o = dnnl_aCBde4c8b8c2b, dnnl_gIOw4i8o8i2o = dnnl_aCBd4c8b8c2b, dnnl_NCw2c32n8c = dnnl_ABc2b32a8b, dnnl_NChw2c32n8c = dnnl_ABcd2b32a8b, dnnl_NCdhw2c32n8c = dnnl_ABcde2b32a8b, dnnl_OIw2i8o16i4o = dnnl_ABc2b8a16b4a, dnnl_OIhw2i8o16i4o = dnnl_ABcd2b8a16b4a, dnnl_OIdhw2i8o16i4o = dnnl_ABcde2b8a16b4a, dnnl_OIw2o8i16o4i = dnnl_ABc2a8b16a4b, dnnl_OIw2o8i16o2i = dnnl_ABc2a8b16a2b, dnnl_IOw2i8o16i4o = dnnl_BAc2b8a16b4a, dnnl_IOw2i8o16i2o = dnnl_BAc2b8a16b2a, dnnl_OIhw2o8i16o4i = dnnl_ABcd2a8b16a4b, dnnl_OIhw2o8i16o2i = dnnl_ABcd2a8b16a2b, dnnl_IOhw2i8o16i4o = dnnl_BAcd2b8a16b4a, dnnl_IOhw2i8o16i2o = dnnl_BAcd2b8a16b2a, dnnl_OIdhw2o8i16o4i = dnnl_ABcde2a8b16a4b, dnnl_OIdhw2o8i16o2i = dnnl_ABcde2a8b16a2b, dnnl_IOdhw2i8o16i4o = dnnl_BAcde2b8a16b4a, dnnl_IOdhw2i8o16i2o = dnnl_BAcde2b8a16b2a, dnnl_gOIw2o8i16o2i = dnnl_aBCd2b8c16b2c, dnnl_gIOw2i8o16i2o = dnnl_aCBd2c8b16c2b, dnnl_gIOhw2i8o16i2o = dnnl_aBCde2c8b16c2b, dnnl_gIOdhw2i8o16i2o = dnnl_aBCdef2c8b16c2b, dnnl_gOIhw2o8i16o2i = dnnl_aBCde2b8c16b2c, dnnl_gOIdhw2o8i16o2i = dnnl_aBCdef2b8c16b2c, dnnl_gOIw2o8i16o4i = dnnl_aBCd2b8c16b4c, dnnl_gOIhw2o8i16o4i = dnnl_aBCde2b8c16b4c, };

Detailed Documentation

Memory format tag specification.
oneDNN formats describe physical data layout. The physical layout is described as a sequence of the dimensions as they are laid out in the memory (from the outer-most to the inner-most). Note that this order doesn’t affect the logical order of the dimensions that is kept in the
field of the dnnl_memory_desc_t structure. The logical order of the dimensions is specified by the primitive that uses the tensor.
For example, CNN 5D tensor always has its logical dimensions in the order
(batch, channels, depth, height, width)
, while the physical layout might be
(corresponds to dnnl_ncdhw format tag) or
(corresponds to dnnl_ndhwc format tag).
int batch = 2, channels = 16, depth = 13, height = 13, width = 13; int ndims = 5; // 5D tensor dnnl_dims_t dims = {batch, channels, depth, height, width}; dnnl_memory_desc_t data_in_ncdhw; dnnl_memory_desc_init_by_tag( &data_in_ncdhw, 5, dims, dnnl_f32, dnnl_ncdhw); // note that in both cases dims passed are the same dnnl_memory_desc_t data_in_ndhwc; dnnl_memory_desc_init_by_tag( &data_in_ndhwc, 5, dims, dnnl_f32, dnnl_ndhwc);
Memory format tags can be further divided into two categories:
  • Domain-agnostic names, i.e. names the do not depend on the tensor usage in the specific primitive. These names use letters from
    to denote logical dimension from 1 to 12, and form the order in which the dimensions are laid in memory. For instance, dnnl_ab is used to denote 2D tensor where the second logical dimension (aka
    ) is the innermost, i.e. has stride = 1, and the first logical dimension (
    ) laid out in memory with stride equal to the size of second dimension. On the other hand, dnnl_ba is just transposed version of the same tensor: the first dimension (
    ) becomes the innermost one.
  • Domain-specific names, i.e. names that make sense only in the context of a certain domain, such as CNN. This names are just aliases to the corresponding domain-agnostic tags and used mostly for the convenience. For example, dnnl_nc is used to denote 2D CNN activations tensor memory format, where channels are the innermost dimension and batch is an outermost one. Moreover, dnnl_nc is just an alias to dnnl_ab, since for oneDNN CNN primitives the logical dimensions of activations tensors come in order: batch, channels, spatial. In other words, batch corresponds to the first logical dimension (
    ), channels correspond to the second one (
The following domain-specific notation applies to memory format tags:
  • 'n'
    denotes the mini-batch dimension
  • 'c'
    denotes a channels dimension
  • When there are multiple channel dimensions (for example, in convolution weights tensor),
    denote dimensions of input and output channels
  • 'd'
    , and
    denote spatial depth, height, and width respectively
Upper-case letters indicate that the data is laid out in blocks for a particular dimension. In such cases, the format name contains both upper- and lower-case letters for that dimension with a lower-case letter preceded by the block size. For example: dnnl_nChw8c describes a format where the outermost dimension is mini-batch, followed by the channel block number, followed by the spatial height and width, and finally followed by 8-element channel blocks.
See also:
Enum Values
Undefined memory format tag.
Undefined memory format tag.
The primitive selects a format automatically.
plain 1D tensor
plain 2D tensor
plain 3D tensor
plain 4D tensor
plain 4D tensor
plain 5D tensor
plain 6D tensor
plain 7D tensor
plain 8D tensor
plain 9D tensor
plain 10D tensor
plain 11D tensor
plain 12D tensor
permuted 4D tensor
permuted 5D tensor
permuted 3D tensor
permuted 5D tensor
permuted 6D tensor
permuted 4D tensor
permuted 5D tensor
permuted 2D tensor
permuted 3D tensor
permuted 4D tensor
permuted 5D tensor
permuted 3D tensor
permuted 4D tensor
permuted 5D tensor
permuted 3D tensor
permuted 4D tensor
permuted 4D tensor
permuted 5D tensor
permuted 5D tensor
permuted 6D tensor
permuted 5D tensor
permuted 6D tensor
permuted 7D tensor
permuted 8D tensor
permuted 9D tensor
permuted 10D tensor
permuted 11D tensor
permuted 12D tensor
3D tensor blocked by 2nd dimension with block size 16
3D tensor blocked by 2nd dimension with block size 32
3D tensor blocked by 2nd dimension with block size 4
3D tensor blocked by 2nd dimension with block size 8
4D tensor blocked by 2nd dimension with block size 16
4D tensor blocked by 2nd dimension with block size 32
4D tensor blocked by 2nd dimension with block size 4
4D tensor blocked by 2nd dimension with block size 8
4D tensor blocked by 1st and 2nd dimension with block size 8
4D tensor blocked by 3rd dimension with block size 4
5D tensor blocked by 1st dimension with block size 16
5D tensor blocked by 1st dimension with block size 8
5D tensor blocked by 2nd dimension with block size 16
5D tensor blocked by 2nd dimension with block size 32
5D tensor blocked by 2nd dimension with block size 4
5D tensor blocked by 2nd dimension with block size 8
5D tensor blocked by 3rd dimension with block size 4
6D tensor blocked by 2nd dimension with block size 16
6D tensor blocked by 2nd dimension with block size 8
6D tensor blocked by 3rd dimension with block size 4
6D tensor blocked by 2nd dimension with block size 4
permuted 6D tensor
permuted 6D tensor
Just a sentinel, not real memory format tag.
Must be changed after new format tag is added.
1D tensor, an alias to dnnl_a
2D CNN activations tensor, an alias to dnnl_ab
2D CNN activations tensor, an alias to dnnl_ba
2D RNN statistics tensor, an alias to dnnl_ab
2D RNN statistics tensor, an alias to dnnl_ba
3D CNN activations tensor, an alias to dnnl_abc
3D CNN activations tensor, an alias to dnnl_acb
4D CNN activations tensor, an alias to dnnl_abcd
4D CNN activations tensor, an alias to dnnl_acdb
4D CNN activations tensor, an alias to dnnl_bcda
5D CNN activations tensor, an alias to dnnl_abcde
5D CNN activations tensor, an alias to dnnl_acdeb
2D CNN weights tensor, an alias to dnnl_ab
2D CNN weights tensor, an alias to dnnl_ba
3D CNN weights tensor, an alias to dnnl_abc
3D CNN weights tensor, an alias to dnnl_acb
3D CNN weights tensor, an alias to dnnl_cba
3D CNN weights tensor, an alias to dnnl_bca
4D CNN weights tensor, an alias to dnnl_abcd
4D CNN weights tensor, an alias to dnnl_cdba
4D CNN weights tensor, an alias to dnnl_acdb
4D CNN weights tensor, an alias to dnnl_bcda
4D CNN weights tensor, an alias to dnnl_bacd
5D CNN weights tensor, an alias to dnnl_abcde
5D CNN weights tensor, an alias to dnnl_bacde
5D CNN weights tensor, an alias to dnnl_cdeba
5D CNN weights tensor, an alias to dnnl_acdeb
5D CNN weights tensor, an alias to dnnl_bcdea
4D CNN weights tensor (incl. groups), an alias to dnnl_abcd
4D CNN weights tensor (incl. groups), an alias to dnnl_abdc
4D CNN weights tensor (incl. groups), an alias to dnnl_dcab
5D CNN weights tensor (incl. groups), an alias to dnnl_abcde
5D CNN weights tensor (incl. groups), an alias to dnnl_abdec
5D CNN weights tensor (incl. groups), an alias to dnnl_decab
5D CNN weights tensor (incl. groups), an alias to dnnl_acbde
6D CNN weights tensor (incl. groups), an alias to dnnl_abcdef
6D CNN weights tensor (incl. groups), an alias to dnnl_abdefc
6D CNN weights tensor (incl. groups), an alias to dnnl_acbdef
6D CNN weights tensor (incl. groups), an alias to dnnl_defcab
3D RNN data tensor in the format (seq_length, batch, input channels), an alias to dnnl_abc.
3D RNN data tensor in the format (batch, seq_length, input channels), an alias to dnnl_bac.
4D RNN states tensor in the format (num_layers, num_directions, batch, state channels), an alias to dnnl_abcd.
5D RNN weights tensor in the format (num_layers, num_directions, input_channels, num_gates, output_channels), an alias to dnnl_abcde.
  • For LSTM cells, the gates order is input, forget, candidate and output gate.
  • For GRU cells, the gates order is update, reset and output gate.
5D RNN weights tensor in the format (num_layers, num_directions, num_gates, output_channels, input_channels), an alias to dnnl_abdec.
  • For LSTM cells, the gates order is input, forget, candidate and output gate.
  • For GRU cells, the gates order is update, reset and output gate.
4D LSTM projection tensor in the format (num_layers, num_directions, num_channels_in_hidden_state, num_channels_in_recurrent_projection), an alias to dnnl_abcd.
4D LSTM projection tensor in the format (num_layers, num_directions, num_channels_in_recurrent_projection, num_channels_in_hidden_state), an alias to dnnl_abdc.
4D RNN bias tensor in the format (num_layers, num_directions, num_gates, output_channels), an alias to dnnl_abcd.
  • For LSTM cells, the gates order is input, forget, candidate and output gate.
  • For GRU cells, the gates order is update, reset and output gate.
5D LSTM projection tensor
6D RNN weights tensor
5D CNN activations tensor blocked by channels with block size 32, an alias to dnnl_aBcde32b
5D CNN activations tensor blocked by channels with block size 16, an alias to dnnl_aBcde16b
5D CNN activations tensor blocked by channels with block size 4, an alias to dnnl_aBcde4b
5D CNN activations tensor blocked by channels with block size 8, an alias to dnnl_aBcde8b
4D CNN activations tensor blocked by channels with block size 32, an alias to dnnl_aBcd32b
4D CNN activations tensor blocked by channels with block size 16, an alias to dnnl_aBcd16b
4D CNN activations tensor blocked by channels with block size 4, an alias to dnnl_aBcd4b
4D CNN activations tensor blocked by channels with block size 8, an alias to dnnl_aBcd8b
3D CNN activations tensor blocked by channels with block size 32, an alias to dnnl_aBc32b
3D CNN activations tensor blocked by channels with block size 16, an alias to dnnl_aBc16b
3D CNN activations tensor blocked by channels with block size 4, an alias to dnnl_aBc4b
3D CNN activations tensor blocked by channels with block size 8, an alias to dnnl_aBc8b

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