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  • 04/11/2022
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This section defines requirements to an accessor implementation and introduces several accessor types.


Each accessor implementation:
  1. Defines a single format of the data for the access. Every accessor type returns and use only one data format.
  2. Provides read-only access to the data in the table types.
  3. Provides the
    method for obtaining the values from the table.
  4. Is lightweight. Its constructors do not have computationally intensive operations such data copy, reading, or conversion. These operations are performed by method
  5. The
    method avoids data copy and conversion when it is possible to return the pointer to the memory block in the table. This is applicable for cases such as when the data format and data types of the data within the table are the same as the data format and data type for the access.

Accessor Types

oneDAL defines a set of accessor classes. Each class supports one specific way of obtaining data from the table.
All accessor classes in oneDAL are listed below:
Accessor Types
Accessor type
List of supported types
Provides access to the range of rows as one contiguous homogeneous block of memory.
Provides access to the range of values within a single column as one contiguous homogeneous block of memory.

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