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Obtain FPGA Hardware Image Information

aocl binedit
utility allows you to extract the following useful information about the compiled binary:
  • Compilation environment details, such as: * Compiler version * Compile command used * Intel® Quartus® Prime software version
  • board_spec.xml
    from the BSP used for compiling
  • Kernel f
    (Quartus-compiled f
  • BSP and board used for compiling


Use the
aocl binedit
utility with the following command:
aocl binedit <oneapi_binary> <list/get/print/exists> [<section_name> [output_file]]
The following are the list of available actions:
  • list
    : Lists all available
    in the given binary.
  • print
    : Writes contents of the existing named section to the standard output stream for each package file in the binary.
  • get
    : Writes contents of the existing named section to the output file.
  • exists
    : Verifies if the section exists in the package files in the binary. The non-zero exit code indicates the section does not exist.
For example, if you have a binary compiled in the simulator flow, then the following command outputs
aocl binedit <oneapi_binary> print .acl.board
You can also identify the BSP versions using the following command:
aocl binedit <oneapi_binary> print .acl.board_package

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