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Compile a Kernel for Simulation (Beta)

Before you perform simulation, you must ensure that the Intel® Quartus Prime Pro Edition software is installed on your system. You can accomplish this by installing an appropriate version of the FPGA Add-on for Custom Platforms using Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition software package.
To compile a kernel for simulation, include the
option in your
command as shown in the following:
dpcpp -fintelfpga -Xssimulation fpga_compile.cpp
To enable collecting the waveform during the simulation, include the
option in your
command, where the optional
attribute specifies how many levels of hierarchy are logged. If you do not specify a value for the
attribute, all waveform signals are logged.
When simulating on Windows systems, you need the Microsoft linker and additional compilation time libraries. Verify the following settings:
  • The
    environment variable setting must include the path to the
    file in Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • LIB
    environment variable setting includes the path to the Microsoft compile time libraries. The compile time libraries are available with Microsoft Visual Studio.

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