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LAPACK Routines

Intel® oneAPI Math Kernel Library (oneMKL) implements routines from the LAPACK package that are used for solving systems of linear equations, linear least squares problems, eigenvalue and singular value problems, and performing a number of related computational tasks. The library includes LAPACK routines for both real and complex data. Routines are supported for systems of equations with the following types of matrices:
  • General
  • Banded
  • Symmetric or Hermitian positive-definite (full, packed, and rectangular full packed (RFP) storage)
  • Symmetric or Hermitian positive-definite banded
  • Symmetric or Hermitian indefinite (both full and packed storage)
  • Symmetric or Hermitian indefinite banded
  • Triangular (full, packed, and RFP storage)
  • Triangular banded
  • Tridiagonal
  • Diagonally dominant tridiagonal.
Different arrays used as parameters to oneMKL LAPACK routines must not overlap.
LAPACK routines assume that input matrices do not contain IEEE 754 special values such as INF or NaN values. Using these special values may cause LAPACK to return unexpected results or become unstable.

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