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Cubic Splines

Cubic splines are splines whose degree is equal to 3.
Cubic splines are described by the following polynomial
LaTex Math image.
LaTex Math image.
LaTex Math image.
There are a lot of different types of cubic splines: Hermite, natural, Akima, Bessel. However, the current version of DPC++ API supports only one type: Hermite.

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Hermite Spline

Coefficients of Hermite spline are calculated using the following formulas:
LaTex Math image.
LaTex Math image.
LaTex Math image.
LaTex Math image.
LaTex Math image.
The following boundary conditions are supported for Hermite spline:
  • Free end (LaTex Math image.).
  • Periodic.
  • First derivative.
  • Second Derivative.
namespace cubic_spline { struct hermite {}; }
To create a cubic Hermite spline object use the following:
spline<float, cubic_spline::hermite> val( /*SYCL queue object*/q, /*number of spline functions*/ny );
Follow the Examples section to see more complicated examples.

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