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Data Fitting

Intel® oneAPI Math Kernel Library (oneMKL) provides spline-based interpolation capabilities that can be used for spline construction (Linear, Cubic, Quadratic etc.), to perform cell-search operations, and to approximate functions, function derivatives, or integrals.
APIs are experimental. It means that no API or ABI backward compatibility are guaranteed.
APIs are based on SYCL USM (Unfied Shared Memory) input datas.


Interpolate function:

Error Handling

The DPC++ error handling model supports two types of errors:
  1. Synchronous errors cause the DPC++ host runtime libraries throw exceptions.
  2. Asynchronous errors may only be processed in a user-supplied error handler associated with a SYCL queue.
For routines, handling all errors, synchronous or asynchronous, is a responsibility of the caller. Specifically:
  • Exceptions are thrown explicitly by algorithms in the following scenarious:
  • input parameters are unexpected;
  • provided SYCL device is not supported;
  • spline is not fully initialized.
  • Exceptions thrown by runtime libraries at the host CPU, including DPC++ synchronous exceptions, are passed through to the caller.
  • DPC++ asynchronous errors are not handled.

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