Developer Guide


Level Zero Tracer

This tool is an analogue of the Intercept Layer for OpenCL
Applications designed to support Level Zero.
To access the Level Zero Tracer git:
git clone
All steps to build and run these tools and all controls are documented in the Level Zero Tracer README::
See ze_tracer documentation for information about setup and controls.
To run, use the following setup:
./ze_tracer [options] <target_application>
Example use case:
./ze_tracer -d -h --chrome-call-logging --chrome-device-timeline <target_application>
--chrome-call-logging --chrome-device-timeline
will generate a file called
zet_trace.<random number>.json
. This file contains the dumps of timestamps for device activities per command queue to JSON format and can be opened in chrome://tracing browser tool.
-d -h
is used to collect the duration for each device and host API call and provides the summary for the whole application in standard output.
See ze_tracer documentation for more information.

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