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  • 12/16/2022
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Set the Environment Variables and Launch the Visual Studio Code

Perform these steps to set the environment variables:
  1. Open a terminal session.
  2. Locate the
    script. The location depends of your oneAPI installation, and it will be one of the following:
    • If you installed as
      , then find the script in the root directory of your oneAPI installation, which is typically
    • If you did not install as
      , then find the script in the
    • If you customized the installation folder, then find the script in your custom installation folder.
  3. Run the
    script from the command line using the following command:
    source <oneapi_install_path>/
    For more information, refer to Set Environment Variables for CLI Development.
  4. In the same terminal session, launch VS Code by running the following command:
    The benefit of sourcing the oneAPI
    script before launching VS Code is that all terminal sessions and child processes of VS Code includes the oneAPI development environment setup.

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