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Error Handling

This topic describes compiler warnings and errors. The compiler sends these messages, along with the erroneous source line, to stderr.


Warning messages report legal but questionable use of C or C++. The compiler displays warnings by default. You can suppress warning messages by specifying an appropriate compiler option. Warnings do not stop translation or linking. Warnings do not interfere with any output files.
The following is a representative warning message:
unknown pragma ignored [-Wunknown-pragmas]
Some warnings that start with
can be disabled using the negative form of the option
. For example, option
disables option


Error messages report syntactic or semantic misuse of C or C++. The compiler always displays error messages. Errors suppress object code for the module containing the error and prevent linking, but they allow parsing to continue to detect other possible errors.
The following are some representative error messages:
expected ';' at end of declaration
unexpected type name 'b': expected expression
For a summary of warning and error options, see the Clang documentation.

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