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Use Configuration Files

You can decrease the time you spend entering command-line options by using the configuration file to automate command-line entries. Configuration files are automatically processed every time you run the
Intel® oneAPI
. You can insert any valid command-line options into the configuration file. The compiler processes options in the configuration file in the order in which they appear, followed by the specified command-line options when the compiler is invoked.
Options in the configuration file are executed every time you run the compiler. If you have varying option requirements for different projects, use .

Sample Configuration Files

Anytime you instruct the compiler to use a different configuration file, the default configuration file(s) are ignored.
The following examples illustrate basic configuration files. The pound (
) character indicates that the rest of the line is a comment.
In the Windows* examples, the compiler reads the configuration file and invokes the
option every time you run the compiler, along with any options specified on the command line.
## Sample icpx.cfg file -I/my_headers
## Sample icx.cfg file /Ic:\my_headers

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